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Cancer Genomics

One of major challenges in handling cancer is to annotate big data in the the field of cancer genomics. Aim of this module is to provide in silico solutions for cancer biologists. This page manitain tools and databases developed in the field of cancer informatics, it includes; i) drug resistance databases, ii) genome based cancer biomarkers (e.g., stage classification), iii) epitope-based vaccines, iv) databases.

Webservers for Cancer Genomics (Raghava's Group)

  1. ApoCanD:  Database of Human Apoptotic Proteins in the context of cancer.
  2. CancerCSP:  To predict stage of ccRCC using gene expression data derived from RNAseq experiments.
  3. CancerEnD: A database of cancer associated enhancers.
  4. CancerDP: Prioritization of anticancer drugs against a cancer using genomic features of cancer cells.
  5. CancerDR: Cancer drug resistance database.
  6. CancerIN:A web server for predicting anticancer activity of molecules.
  7. CancerLivER: A database of liver cancer gene expression resources and biomarkers.
  8. CancerLSP:Web-bench Liver cancer stage prediction Server.
  9. CancerPDF: Database of cancer-associated peptides of human bodyfluids.
  10. CancerPPD:  Database of anticancer peptides and proteins.
  11. CancerPred: Prediction of the cancerlectins.
  12. CancerSPP: Web server to predict the progression of skin cancer.
  13. Cancertope: A Platform for Designing Genome-Based Personalized Immunotherapy or Vaccine against Cancer.
  14. CancerUBM: Web bench for analysis of proteomics data and prediction of cancer status of a urine samples.
  15. CCDB: Database of genes involved in Cervix Cancer.
  16. CRCRpred: Used to distinguish high risk CRC patients from low risk CRC patients given the protein concentration of one or more apoptotic proteins.
  17. dbEM: A Database of Epigenetic Modifiers
  18. DiPCell: Designing of inhibitors against pancreatic cancer cell lines.
  19. ECDB: Endometrial cancer gene database.
  20. EGFRindb: A database of EGF(Epidermal Growth Factor) receptors  (anticaner database).
  21. EGFRpred: A web service for the predicting and designing of inhibitors against EGFR (anticancer drugs).
  22. HCCpred:A webserver to predict Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).
  23. HerceptinR: Information about assays performend to test sensitivity/resistance of Herceptin Antibodies.
  24. HumCFS: A database of fragile sites in human chromosome.
  25. NPACT: A curated database of plant derived natural compounds that exhibit anti-cancerous activity.
  26. ntEGFR: QSAR-Based Models for designing inhibitors against Wild and Mutant EGFR (anti-cancer drug).
  27. PCMdb: A database of methylated genes found in pancreatic cancer cell lines and tissues.
  28. SKCMhrp: For predicting the risk status in cutaneous melanoma patients
  29. TumorHope: A comprehensive database of Tumor Homing Peptides.
  30. TumorHPD: A webserver for predicting and designing of tumor homing peptides.
  31. VLCvirus: Web Resource For Designing Subunit Vacccine Candidates Against Lung Cancer Associated Viruses

External Links to web servers developed/maintained by other groups

This section provides URL/links to important websites developed and maintained by other researchers. It exclude servers by Raghava's group, which is given in above section. 

  1. CRCDA: Comprehensive resources for cancer NGS data analysis.
  2. FMIMS: Identifying relevant group of miRNAs in cancer using fuzzy mutual information.
  3. HNOCDB: a comprehensive database of genes and miRNAs relevant to head and neck and oral cancer.
  4. HPVdetector: NGS-based approach to determine the presence of HPV and their sites of integration in human cancer genome.
  5. M3db: Gene Network Rewiring to Study Melanoma Stage Progression and Elements Essential for Driving Melanoma.
  6. MGExUdb: a mammalian uterus database for expression:based cataloguing of genes across conditions
  7. MYCbase: A database of functional sites and biochemical properties of Myc in both normal and cancer cells.
  8. Onco-Regulon: An integrated database and software suite for site specific targeting of transcription factors of cancer genes.