CancerEnD - A comprehensive resource on enhancer information for TCGA cancer types

CancerEnD Genome-wide association studies have successfully identified thousands of genomic loci potentially associated with hundreds of complex traits in the past decade. Nevertheless, the fact that more than 90% of such disease-associated variants lie in non-coding DNA with unknown functional implications has been appealing for advanced analysis of plenty of genetic variants. Toward this goal, recent studies focusing on individual non-coding variants have revealed that complex diseases are often the consequences of erroneous interactions between enhancers and their target genes. CancerEnD is a database of Enhancers expression, their somatic mutation & CNV in 18 cancer types by extracting data from various large repositoies This database provides a user-friendly interface for browsing and searching, and it also allows users to download data freely. CancerEnD has the potential to become a helpful and important resource for researchers who aim to understand the molecular mechanisms of enhancers involved in complex diseases.

Webinterface of CancerEnD database

UpSet diagram showing common and unique enhancer among each cancer type present in CancerEnD

Weblogo of CancerEnD showing data types

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