Research Publications on Herceptin Assays

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Serial No. Title and Link of Article Assays Cell lines Supplementary Drug Changes in cell lines PMIDs PDF of Article
1 Insulin-like growth factor-I receptor signaling and resistance to trastuzumab48215511752009
2 Elevated levels of epidermal growth factor receptor/c-erbB2 heterodimers mediate 1211212586780
3 HER2 regulation of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARgamma)612412912973
4 Rational combinations of trastuzumab with chemotherapeutic drugs used in the55410115150302
5 P27(kip1) down-regulation is associated with trastuzumab resistance in breast30111215173011
6 Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 status modulates subcellular1112215173068
7 PTEN activation contributes to tumor inhibition by trastuzumab, and loss of PTEN 1323315324695
8 Modulation of tamoxifen sensitivity by antisense Bcl-2 and trastuzumab in breast 632115830342
9 Insulin-like growth factor-I receptor/human epidermal growth factor receptor 23613716322262
10 Hsp90 inhibitor 17-AAG reduces ErbB2 levels and inhibits proliferation of the421116384610
11 Activity of the dual kinase inhibitor lapatinib (GW572016) against1642716452222
12 PC cell-derived growth factor stimulates proliferation and confers Trastuzumab1021316857791
13 A collection of breast cancer cell lines for the study of functionally distinct11111117157791
14 ERBB2 phosphorylation and trastuzumab sensitivity of breast cancer cell lines.85161117525746
15 Heregulin beta1 drives gefitinib-resistant growth and invasion in312217686159
16 Preclinical testing of clinically applicable strategies for overcoming4617317908983
17 Met receptor contributes to trastuzumab resistance of Her2-overexpressing breast 1222218316611
18 Expression of t-DARPP mediates trastuzumab resistance in breast cancer cells.3321818579663
19 Transforming growth factor beta engages TACE and ErbB3 to activate1014818625725
20 Synergic antitumoral effect of an IGF-IR inhibitor and trastuzumab on3032218641009
21 Nordihydroguaiaretic acid, a cytotoxic insulin-like growth factor-I receptor/HER21212318645000
22 Trastuzumab-resistant breast cancer cells remain sensitive to the auger1822118703606
23 Improvement of sensitivity to tamoxifen in estrogen receptor-positive and1212118768663
24 A combination of Trastuzumab and 17-AAG induces enhanced ubiquitinylation and2572318769124
25 Upregulated HSP27 in human breast cancer cells reduces Herceptin susceptibility811218834540
26 Modeling ERBB receptor-regulated G1/S transition to find novel targets for de6643119118495
27 Trastuzumab reverses letrozole resistance and amplifies the sensitivity of breast3926819190349
28 Trastuzumab-induced HER reprogramming in "resistant" breast carcinoma cells.2871119276389
29 Both t-Darpp and DARPP-32 can cause resistance to trastuzumab in breast cancer1611519301121
30 t10c12 conjugated linoleic acid suppresses HER2 protein and enhances apoptosis in412219399184
31 MUC1* is a determinant of trastuzumab (Herceptin) resistance in breast cancer5933819415485
32 Suppression of HER2/HER3-mediated growth of breast cancer cells with combinations1612119509167
33 Rac1 contributes to trastuzumab resistance of breast cancer cells: Rac1 as a212219509242
34 Association between gain-of-function mutations in PIK3CA and resistance to73173719633047
35 In vitro evaluation of pan-PI3-kinase inhibitor SF1126 in trastuzumab-sensitive4613619636556
36 HER2 signaling pathway activation and response of breast cancer cells to4846819701706
37 Inhibitors of HSP90 block p95-HER2 signaling in Trastuzumab-resistant tumors and 913319855434
38 PD 0332991, a selective cyclin D kinase 4/6 inhibitor, preferentially inhibits1831119874578
39 Beta1-integrin circumvents the antiproliferative effects of trastuzumab in human 4033519887601
40 Elevation of receptor tyrosine kinase EphA2 mediates resistance to trastuzumab32102720028874
41 Heterotrimerization of the growth factor receptors erbB2, erbB3, and insulin-like3221620103628
42 Sodium nitroprusside infusion does not dilate cerebral resistance vessels during 31222021198
43 FoxM1 mediates resistance to herceptin and paclitaxel.94382320530690
44 FOXO1A is a target for HER2-overexpressing breast tumors.59323320551062
45 Inhibition of IGF1R activity enhances response to trastuzumab in HER-2-positive3222620647220
46 Molecular decoy to the Y-box binding protein-1 suppresses the growth of breast2012420844753
47 Recombinant human erythropoietin antagonizes trastuzumab treatment of breast2132521075308
48 Carbamazepine promotes Her-2 protein degradation in breast cancer cells by615421082217
49 HER2 phosphorylation is maintained by a PKB negative feedback loop in response to3217621203579
50 Cyclin E amplification/overexpression is a mechanism of trastuzumab resistance in39121521321214
51 Antitumor activity of the Hsp90 inhibitor IPI-504 in HER2-positive5632421383049
52 Up-regulation of miR-21 mediates resistance to trastuzumab therapy for breast216311721471222
53 Overcoming trastuzumab resistance in breast cancer by targeting dysregulated104461221498634
54 Trastuzumab-DM1 causes tumour growth inhibition by mitotic catastrophe in33103221510863
55 IQGAP1 protein binds human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) and26121121724847
56 Growth differentiation factor 15 (GDF15)-mediated HER2 phosphorylation reduces42351321803025
57 Potent anti-proliferative effects of metformin on trastuzumab-resistant breast3722321862872
58 The Potential Utility of Curcumin in the Treatment of HER-2-Overexpressed Breast 1511121876713
59 Trastuzumab enhances the anti-tumor effects of the histone deacetylase inhibitor 622221887460
60 Sprouty 2 is an independent prognostic factor in breast cancer and may be useful 17231021909357
61 Inactivation of Rac1 reduces Trastuzumab resistance in PTEN deficient and66151021943825
62 The vitamin E analog, alpha-tocopheryloxyacetic acid enhances the anti-tumor824122044845
63 Trastuzumab induces antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity (ADCC) in881122056974
64 Targeting Bcl-2 in Herceptin-Resistant Breast Cancer Cell Lines.1524822162984
65 Antitumor effect of the mTOR inhibitor everolimus in combination with trastuzumab1423322492237
66 Potentiation of the growth inhibition activity of411122993569
67 Evaluation of IGF1R and phosphorylated IGF1R as targets in HER2-positive breast10892123117852
68 Erythropoietin receptor expression and its relationship with trastuzumab response2133723117856
69 Inhibition of p85, the non-catalytic subunit of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase,1533323222510
70 The HER2 amplicon includes several genes required for the growth and survival of 2671222623253899
71 Autophagy-related gene 12 (ATG12) is a novel determinant of primary resistance to911323307622
72 TIMP-1 overexpression does not affect sensitivity to HER2-targeting drugs in the 611623334956
73 The mitochondrial transport protein SLC25A43 affects drug efficacy and412223354756
74 3, 3'-Diindolylmethane enhances the effectiveness of herceptin against822223372748
75 Strong EGFR signaling in cell line models of ERBB2-amplified breast cancer1424123552733