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Predicted Immune Epitope Results

The result page of search shows exclusive peptide/epitopes generated due to mutation [Neoepitope], the tissue of origin [Tissue], position of peptide in protein [Position], number of mismatches counted by aligning mutated and normal protein sequence [Num Mismatch, percentage of cell lines with this peptide over total number of cell lines [Promiscuity %]. The immune information include CTL epitopes (Yes/No), MHC I binders, MHC II binders (both given as number of alleles) and B cell epitopes (Yes/No). For more information, please click HERE

NeoepitopesIVWWCPMSR        Click here to BLAST against human proteome
CTL Epitope
HLA I Alleles
(ProPred I)
HLA-A*1101, HLA-A20 Cattle, HLA-A3, HLA-A*3101, HLA-A*3302, HLA-A68.1, HLA-B*27057
HLA I Alleles
HLA-Cw*0401, H2-Db, H2-Dd, H2-Kb, H2-Kd, H2-Ld, HLA-G, H-2Qa, Mamu-A*019
HLA II Alleles
DRB1_0301, DRB1_0402, DRB1_0423, DRB1_1101, DRB1_1102, DRB1_1104, DRB1_1106, DRB1_1114, DRB1_1120, DRB1_1121, DRB1_1128, DRB1_1301, DRB1_1302, DRB1_1305, DRB1_1311, DRB1_1322, DRB1_1323, DRB1_1327, DRB1_1328, DRB5_0101, DRB5_010521

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