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Personalized immunotherapy or Vaccine against Cancer

Data retrival

This page is designed to facilitate user to search Cancertope database using multiple queries joined by logical operators like AND/OR. This search module allows user to perform search on any or all fields of Cancertope Database. It also allows to DISPLAY all field or user selected fields. For more information see HELP page.
Search Options

  • Explanation for Conditional Search
    • CONDITIONAL SEARCH is quite helpful when user has predefined query in mind. For instance, User come up with the following questions in mind and wants to SEARCH

      1. Protein with given name e.g. ABL1 only
      2. Above mentioned protein having specific type of mutation e.g. Missense Mutation
      3. If the above mentioned criteria is falling from the origin e.g. ENDOMETRIAL tissue
      4. and the cell line related to this query is HEC265

      By clicking Submit; user can get desired output.
      In a similar way, query can be extended using "+" button and reduced using "-" button.
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