Welcome to Prof. Gajendra P.S. Raghava's Group


Background: Raghava is a Professor & Head at Department of Computational Biology, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT-Delhi), India. Before joining IIIT-Delhi in 2017, he was working as Chief Scientist at Bioinformatics Centre, CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology (IMTECH), Chandigarh, India. He did M.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.), New Delhi in 1986 and Ph.D. in Bioinformatics (1996) from IMTECH, Chandigarh. He worked as Postdoctoral fellow at Oxford university, Oxford and European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge UK (1996-98). Worked as Bioinformatics specialist at UAMS, USA (2002-3 & 2006) where he establish bioinformatics infastructure. Raghava woked as visiting professor at POSTECH, South Korea in year 2004.

Scientific Contribution:

 Raghava is a strong suporter of open source software and open access, all resouces develoed at his group are free for scientific use. His group developed more than 250 web servers and 40 databases in the field of computer-aided drug/vaccine design (probably highest number of services developed/maintained from a single group in the world). These services are heavily used by scientific community, nearly 150,000 hits per day. Group published more than 250 research papers in reputed journals with avargae impact factor around 4.0 Most of papers are highly cited, total citations more than 17000 with h-index 68 and g-index 195 as per google scholar. In addition group contributed/maintained number of web sites that include i) CRDD, ii) OSCADD, iii) OSDDlinux, iv) GPSR Packages, v) GPSRdocker

See Scientific Journey for detail.

Major Awards/Honours:  

Web Services (A-Z)

Name Description
ABCpred Mapping of B-cell epitope(s) in an antigen sequence, using artificial neural network.
ABMpred Prediction of AntiBacterial Compounds against MurA Enzyme.
ABSource All possible informations regarding the antibodies.
ADPint Predicion of ADP interacting residue.
AHTPDB Database of antihypertensive peptides.
AHTpin Designing and virtual screening of antihypertensive peptides.
ALGpred Prediction of allergenic proteins and mapping of IgE epitopes in antigens.
ALGpred2 Updated method for Predicting of allergenic proteins
ALPHApred A neural network based method for predicting alpha-turn in a protein.
AntiAngioPred A Server for Prediction of Anti-Angiogenic Peptides.
AntiBP Mapping of antibacterial peptides in a protein sequence.
AntiBP2 Mapping of antibacterial peptides in a protein sequence.
AntiCP Prediction and design of anticancer peptides.
AntiCP2 Improve Method for Prediction and design of anticancer peptides.
AntiFP Prediction and design of antifungal peptides.
AntigenDB An immunoinformatics database of pathogen antigens.
AntiMPmod Prediction of modified antimicrobial peptides.
AntiTbPdb A database of anti-tubercular peptides.
AntiTbPred Prediction of anti-tubercular peptides.
ApoCanD Database of Human Apoptotic Proteins in the context of cancer.
APSSP Advanced Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Server.
APPSP2 Prediction of secondary structure of proteins from their amino acid sequence.
AR_NHpred Identification of aromatic-backbone NH interaction in protein residues.
ATPint Identification of ATP binding sites in ATP-binding proteins.
B3PDB A Database of Blood Brain Barrier Pentrating Peptides.
B3pred Prediction of Blood Brain Barrier Pentrating Peptides.
BCEpred Prediction of linear B-cell epitopes, using Physico-chemical properties.
Bcipep Collection & compilation of B-cell epitopes from literature.
BetaTPred Statistical-based method for predicting Beta Turns in a protein.
BetaTPred2 Updated statistical-based method for predicting Beta Turns in a protein.
BetaTPred3 Propensity based prediction of beta turns and their types.
BetaTurns Prediction of beta turn types.
BhairPred Prediction of beta hairpins in proteins using ANN and SVM techniques.
BIAdb A Database for Benzylisoquinoline Alkaloids.
BioTherapi Bioinformatics for Therapeutic Peptides and Proteins.
BTEval Evaluation of beta-turns prediction methods.
BTXpred A server for predicting bacterial toxins.
CancerCSP Gene expression-based biomarkers for discriminating early and late stage of clear cell renal cancer.
CancerDP Prioritization of anticancer drugs against a cancer using genomic features of cancer cells.
CancerDR Cancer drug resistance database.
CancerEND A Comprehensive Resource On Enhancer Information For TCGA Cancer Types
CanceRES Cancer Informatics Portal.
CancerIN A web server for predicting anticancer activity of molecules.
CancerLiver A Database of Gene expression and Biomarker data of Liver Cancer
CancerLSP Liver Heptacellular Carcinoma Stage Prediction
CancerPDF Database of cancer-associated peptides of human bodyfluids.
CancerPPD Database of anticancer peptides and proteins.
CancerPred Prediction of the cancerlectins.
CancerSPP Prediction of Skin Cancer Progression from Genomic Profile of Patients
CancerTope A Platform for Designing Genome-Based Personalized Immunotherapy or Vaccine against Cancer.
CancerUBM Web bench for analysis of proteomics data and prediction of cancer status of a urine samples.
CBTOPE Conformational B-cell Epitope prediction.
CCDB Database of genes involved in Cervix Cancer.
ccPDB 2.0 Compilation and Creation of datasets from PDB.
CellPPD-Mod Prediction of Cell Penetrating Potential of Chemically Modified Peptides
CellPPD Computer-aided Designing of efficient cell penetrating peptides.
ChemoPred A server to predict chemokines and their receptor
ChloroPred Prediction of chloroplast proteins.
CHpredict Prediction of CH-O, CH-PI interactions in backbone residues of a protein
Codon Plot Graph for Codon Composition (from standard codon usage table) Vs Codons.
COPid Composition based identification and classification of proteins.
CPPsite A web page for cell penetrating peptides.
CPPsite 2.0 A database of experimentally validated natural and modified cell penetrating Peptides.
CRDD Computational resources for drug discovery.
CRCRpred Risk prediction of Colorectal Cancer Patients
CRIP Computational Resources for molecular Interaction Prediction.
CTLpred A direct method for prediction of CTL epitopes.
CytoPred It is a webserver for prediction and classification of cytokines.
CyclinPred CyclinPred is a SVM based prediction method to identify novel cyclins.
DADPred Prediction of drugs against aspartate semialdehyde dehydrogenase of DAP pathway.
DAMpro Disease Associated Mutations in Proteins.
dbEM Database of inhibitors of Dengue virus
DenvInD A Database of Epigenetic Modifiers
desiRam Designing of highly efficient siRNA with minimum mutation approach.
DiPCell Designing of inhibitors against pancreatic cancer cell lines.
DMKPred A webserver for the prediction of binding of chemical molecules with specific kinases.
DNAbinder A webserver for predicting DNA-binding proteins.
DNAint Prediction of DNA Interacting Residues.
DNAsize Computation of size of DNA and Protein Fragments from Their Electrophoretic Mobility.
DOMprint SVM based model for predicting domain-domain interaction (DDI).
DPROT SVM-based method for predicting of disordered proteins.
DrugMint A web server for identification of drug like molecules.
EbolaVCR A web-based resource for designing therapeutics against Ebola Virus.
ECDB Endometrial cancer gene database.
ECGPred Analsis of expresion data and correlation between gene expression and nucleotides composition of genes.
EGFRindb A database of EGF(Epidermal Growth Factor) receptors (anticaner database).
EGFRPred A web service for the predicting and designing of inhibitors against EGFR (anticancer drugs).
EGPred Prediction of gene (protein coding regions) in eukaryote genomes that includes introns/exons.
ESLPred Subcellular localization of the eukaryotic proteins using dipeptide compostion and PSI-BLAST.
ESLPred2 Advanced method for subcellular localization of eukaryotic proteins.
FADPred A webserver for the prediction of FAD interacting residues.
FermFooDb A database of bioactive peptides derived from fermented foods
FTG Locating probable protein coding region in nucleotide sequence using FFT based algorithm.
FTGPred Gene Identification using Fourier Transformation.
GammaPred Identification of gamma-turn containing residues in a given protein sequence.
GDoQ iPrediction of GLMU inhibitors (anti-tubeculosis inhibitors) using QSAR and docking apprach.
GeneBench A suite of tools and datasets for benchmarking gene finders.
Genomeabc GenomeABC is a web server for evaluating the performance of genome assemblers.
GlycoEP Prediction of C-, N- and O-glycosylation site in eukaryotic proteins.
GlycoPP Prediction of potential N-and O-glycosites in prokaryotic proteins.
GMPEsi Generalized Model for Predicting Efficacy of siRNAs.
GPCRpred Prediction of families and superfamilies of G-protein coupled receptors (GPCR).
GPCRsclass This webserver predicts amine type of G-protein coupled receptors.
GPSR A resource for genomocs, proteomics and system biology.
GSTPred SVM-based method for predicting Glutathione S-transferase protein.
GTPbinder Identification of GTP binding residue in protein sequences.
GDPbio Genome based prediction of Diseases and Personal Medicine
HaptenDB A database of haptens, provide comprehensive information about the hapten molecule.
Hemolytik A repository of experimentally validated hemolytic and non-hemolytic peptides.
HemoPI Prediction and virtual screening of hemolytic peptides.
HerceptinR Information about assays performend to test sensitivity/resistance of Herceptin Antibodies.
HIVbio HIV related bioinformatics resources.
HIVcoPred Predicting coreceptor used by HIV-1 from Its V3 loop amino acid sequence.
HIVFin Prediction of Fusion Inhibitors against HIV (drugs against HIV).
HIVint Prediction of protein-protein interaction between HIV and Human proteins.
HIVsirDB A manually curated database of anti-HIV siRNAs.
HLA-DR4Pred Identification of HLA-DRB1*0401(MHC class II alleles) binding peptides.
HLAPred Identification and prediction of HLA class I and class II Binders.
HLP A webserver for predicting half-life of peptides in intestine like environment.
HMRbase A manually curated database of hormones and their Receptors.
HSLPred Prediction of subcellular localization of human proteins with high accuracy.
HumCFS A database of fragile sites in human chromosome.
icaars Identification & Classification of Aminoacyl tRNA Synthetases.
IFNepitope A server for predicting and designing interferon-gamma inducing epitopes.
IgPred Prediction of antibody specific B-cell epitope.
IL10Pred Prediction of Interleukin-10 inducing peptides.
IL2Pred In silico platform for designing and disovering of Interleukin-2 inducing peptides.
IL4Pred In silico platform for designing and disovering of Interleukin-4 inducing peptides.
IL6pred In silico platform for designing and disovering of Interleukin-4 inducing peptides.
ImmunoSPdb An archieve of Immunosppressive Peptide
imRNA Prediction of Immunomodulatory RNAs.
ISSPred Prediction of Intein Splice Site.
KetoDrug A web server for binding affinity prediction of ketoxazole derivatives against Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH)
KiDoQ Prediction of inhibition against dihydrodipicolinate synthase of M. Tuberculosis.
LBtope A server for predicting linear B-cell epitopes.
LGEpred Correlation analysis and prediction of genes expression from amino acid sequence of proteins.
LPIcom Analysis and prediction of ligand protein interaction.
MANGO Prediction of Protein Function from Manually Annotated proteins based on GO (Gene Ontology).
MARSpred Prediction of mitochondrial aminoacyl tRNA synthetases.
MDRIpred Predicting inhibitor against drug tolrent M.Tuberculosis.
MetaPred Prediction of Cytochrome P450 Isoform responsible for metabolizing a drug molecule.
MHCBN 4.0 A database of MHC/TAP binding peptides and T-cell epitopes.
MitPred Prediction of mitochondrial proteins using SVM and hidden Markov model.
MtbVeb A webportal for designing vaccine against drug resistant and emerging strains of M. tuberculosis.
MycoPrInt A tool fort exploration of the interactome of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
MycoTB A software for managing mycobacterium tuberculosis.
NADbinder Prediction of NAD interacting residues in proteins.
NAGbinder Prediction of NAG interacting residues in proteins.
nHLAPred A neural network based method for predicting MHC Class-I binders.
NPACT A curated database of plant derived natural compounds that exhibit anti-cancerous activity.
NpPred A webserver for the prediction of nuclear proteins.
NRpred A SVM based method for the classification of nuclear receptors.
ntEGFR QSAR-Based Models for designing inhibitors against Wild and Mutant EGFR (anti-cancer drug).
NTXpred Identification of neurotoxins their source and function from primary amino acid sequence.
OSCADD Open Source for Computer-Aided Drug Discovery portal is for chemoinformatics and pharmacoinformatics.
OSDDChem A interface for large scale synthesis of diverse chemical compounds to screen them against TB and Malaria.
OSDDlinux A customize operating system for drug discovery.
OvirusTdb A database of oncolytic viruses
OxDBase A database of Biodegradative oxygenase.
OxyPred Classification and prediction of oxygen binding proteins.
PAAINT A webservice for predicting residue-residue contacts in proteins.
ParaPep Compilation of experimentally validated anti-parasitic peptides and their structures.
Pcleavage Identification of protesosomal cleavage sites in a protein sequence.
PCMDB A database of methylated genes found in pancreatic cancer cell lines and tissues.
PElife Database of experimentally validated therapeutic peptides and their half lives.
PE2D Secondary structure prediction of peptides
PEPstrMOD Structural prediction of peptides containing natural, non-natural and modified residues.
Pfeature Computing a wide range of features of proteins and peptides
PFMpred Predicting mitochondrial proteins of malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum.
PHDcleav Prediction of human Dicer cleavage sites using sequence and secondary structure of miRNA precursors.
PLDBench Benchmarking of docking software on peptide-ligand complexes.
PlifePred An insilico method to design and predict the half life of modified and natural peptides in blood.
PolyApred Prediction of polyadenylation signal (PAS) in human DNA sequence.
PolysacDB A comprehensive Database of microbial Polysaccharide antigens and their antibodies.
PPDBench Benchmarking of docking software on protein-peptide complexes.
PPRint A web-server for predicting RNA-binding residues of a protein.
PreMieR A webserver for the prediction of Mannose Interacting residue.
ProClass protein structure classification server.
ProCarDB A database of bacterial carotenoids.
ProGlycProt Database of experimentally characterized eubacterial and archaeal glycoproteins.
ProPred A webserver to predict MHC Class-II binding regions in an antigen sequence.
ProPred-1 Prediction of promiscuous MHC Class-I binders.
ProPrInt A web-server predicts physical or functional interactions between protein molecules.
PRRDB A database of pattern recognition receptor.
PRRDB2 Updated database of pattern recognition receptors.
PSAweb Analysis of Protein Sequence and Multiple Alignment.
PSEApred Prediction of Plasmodium Secretory and Infected Erythrocyte Associated Proteins.
PSLpred Predict subcellular localization of prokaryotic proteins.
QASpro A webserver for the Quality Assesment of Protein Structure.
RBpred A weather based rice blast prediction server.
RNAcon A web-server for the prediction and classification of non-coding RNAs.
RNAint Identification of RNA interacting residues in a protein.
RNApin Prediction of Protein Interacting Nucleotides (PINs) in RNA sequences.
RNApred A webserver for the prediction of RNA binding proteins.
RSLpred A method for the subcellular localization prediction of rice proteins.
SAMbinder A method for predicting S-adenosyl-L-methionine binding sites in a protein
SAPdb A database of nanostructure formed by self assembly of short peptide.
SARpred A neural network based method predicts the real value of surface acessibility.
SATPdb A database of structurally annotated therapeutic peptides.
siRNAPred SVM based method for predicting efficacy value of siRNA.
SRF A program to find repeats through an analysis of the power spectrum of a given DNA sequence.
SRTPred A method for the classification of protein sequence as secretory or non-secretory protein.
StarPDB A webserver for annotating structure of a protein using simililarity based approach.
TAPPred A webserver for predicting binding affinity of peptides toward the TAP transporter.
TBBPred A webserver for the prediction of transmembrane Beta barrel regions in a given protein sequence.
TBPred A webserver that predicts four subcellular localization of mycobacterial proteins.
THPdb A database of FDA approved therapeutic peptides and proteins.
TLR4HI SVM based model for computing inhbitors against human TLR4 (Toll like receptor).
TopicalPdb A Database of Topically Administered Peptide.
ToxinPred An in silico method, which is developed to predict and design toxic/non-toxic peptides.
ToxiPred A server for prediction of aqueous toxicity of small chemical molecules in T. pyriformis.
tRNAmod The tRNAmod is a web-server for the prediction of transfer RNA (tRNA) modifications.
TSPPRED A webservice for predicting Tertiary Structure of proteins.
TumorHoPe A comprehensive database of Tumor Homing Peptides.
TumorHPD A webserver for predicting and designing of tumor homing peptides.
VaccineDA A webserver for prediction of oligodeoxynucleotide vaccine adjuvant.
VacTarBac Designing subunit vaccine against major pathogenic species of bacteria
VaxinPAD A webserver for designing peptide based vaccine adjuvant.
VGIchain Voltage gated ion channel prediction server.
VICMpred Prediction of Virulence factors, Information molecule, Cellular process and Metabolism molecule in the Bacterial proteins.
VitaPred A webserver for predicting the vitamin interacting residue.
VLCvirus A webserver for predicting the vitamin interacting residue.
XIAPin Designing of efficient inhibitors against apoptosis protein XIAP (inhibitor against drug resistance cancer).
ZikaVR An Integrated Zika Virus Resource for Genomics, Proteomics, Phylogenetic and Therapeutic Analysis.