CancerDR: Cancer Drug Resistance Database

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Important Links Page in CancerDR

  CCLE  Cancer Cell Encyclopedia
  COSMIC  Catalogue Of Somatic Mutations In Cancer
  Welcome Trust  Genomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer
  DTP  Developmental Therapeutic Programme, NCI
  CGC  Cancer Gene Census
  NCI60  NCI60 Cancer Microarray Project
  Coxen  COXEN: Genomic Based Personalized Chemotherapeutics
  Cancer Genome Atlas  The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Data Portal provides a platform for researchers to search, download, and analyze data sets generated by TCGA.
  ICGC  International Cancer Genome Consortium
  CGWB  Cancer Genome Workbench
  Intogen  Integrative Onco Genomics
  CGPrio  CGprio is a resource for the prioritization of candidate cancer genes after genomic experiments.
  CellMiner  CellMiner
  CGP  CGP Resequencing Studies
  National Cancer Institute  National cancer institute is a part of National Institute of Health (NIH), where various kinds of cancer related statistics are available
  Broad Institute  The Broad's Cancer Program is a scientific community focused on understanding the basic molecular mechanisms of cancer.
  WHO  World Health Organization
  CanceRes  Site with various cancer related useful links are available