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Home Page of CancerDR

If you are using this database, please cite "CancerDR: Cancer Drug Resistance Database." Kumar R. et. al. Scientific Reports 1445

CancerDR is a database of 148 anticancer drugs and their effectiveness against around 1000 cancer cell lines. Pharmacological profiling of these anticancer drugs were collected from CCLE and COSMIC databases. CancerDR coveres 116 drug targets correspond to these anticancer drugs and provide the comprehensive information about these targets such as their function, structure, and their gene sequences in respective cancer cell lines.

This database allows users to browse drugs, drug targets and cell lines. One of the major possible application of this database is to identify mutations in drug targets responsible for drug resistance. Multiple sequence alignment facility of this database allow users to identify mutations in cancer genes (targets) as well as natural variations in targets). This information will be useful the for designing biomarkers for different type of cancers.

Clustering of cell lines based on their drug sensitivity allow users to identify group of cell lines, which are resistance for a particular anticancer drug. Clustering facility also allow users to identify promiscous drugs effectice against wide range of cell lines or cancer types.

Mapping or sequence alignment menu allow users to map/align their sequences against drug target sequences. It also allow users to map/align their short reads or contigs (next generation sequencing data), on drug targets. Thus it is possible to use this database for designing peronalized medicine, where sensitivity or resistance of a cancer drug may be identified from an individual genome or target sequence data.