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Ebola Virus Computational Resources (EbolaVCR) is the in silico resources developed to facilitate scientific community fighting against deadly virus EBOLA. This server enlists possible vaccine candidates, therapeutic siRNAs and other related resources.
Reference: Dhanda et. al. (2016) A web-based resource for designing therapeutics against Ebola Virus. Sci Rep. 6:24782.

Potential Vaccine Candidates (Conserved Epitopes)

Following table provides list of conserved peptides and their potential immunogenicity that include simulation of T- and B-cells. Immunogenicitiy of these peptides have been using immuno-informaitcs pipeline. The predicted immune response can be browsed by visiting the column of gene or column of conserved 9mer for each entry. The NCBI link for each protein of all species are given to facilitate user. The facility for sorting and searching has been implemented to extract the user-desired peptides.

Table repsenting the proteins and their immune response using different servers
Sr. No.ProteinSymbolConserved 9mersBundibugyo (BDBV)Reston (RESTV)Sudan (SUDV)Taiforest (TAFV)Mayinga Zaire 1976 (EBOV)
1Major Nucleoprotein NP 147 YP_003815432.1 NP_690580.1 YP_138520.1 YP_003815423.1 NP_066243.1
2Polymerase complex VP35 35 YP_003815433.1 NP_690581.1 YP_138521.1 YP_003815424.1 NP_066244.1
3Matrix Protein VP40 41 YP_003815434.1 NP_690582.1 YP_138522.1 YP_003815425.1 NP_066245.1
4Glycoprotein (Spike) GP 20 YP_003815435.1 NP_690583.1 YP_138523.1 YP_003815426.1 NP_066246.1
5Glycoprotein (Second Secreted) ssGP 9 YP_003815437.1 NP_690583.1 YP_138523.1 YP_003815428.1 NP_066248.1
6Minor Nucleoprotein VP30 12 YP_003815438.1 NP_690585.1 YP_138525.1 YP_003815429.1 NP_066249.1
7Membrane Associated Protein VP24 7 YP_003815439.1 NP_690586.1 YP_138526.1 YP_003815430.1 NP_066250.1
8Polymerase L 358 YP_003815440.1 NP_690587.1 YP_138527.1 YP_003815431.1 NP_066251.1