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Ebola Virus Computational Resources (EbolaVCR) is the in silico resources developed to facilitate scientific community fighting against deadly virus EBOLA. This server enlists possible vaccine candidates, therapeutic siRNAs and other related resources.
Reference: Dhanda et. al. (2016) A web-based resource for designing therapeutics against Ebola Virus. Sci Rep. 6:24782.

Mapping of predicted epitopes

We predicted diffrent types of epitopes that includes B-cell and cytotoxic T-cell in each protein of each Ebola virus strains. The epitopic information was predicted using various software commonly used in literature for predicting immunogenic antigenic regions. Predicted epitopes are mapped graphically on sequence for identification of so promiscous antigenic/immunogenic regions (a region that can activate varius arms of immune system). This page also contain links to each protein alignment file for identification of fragment conserved in all the 5 strains of Ebola virus and non-human cross reactive fragment of the protein. This page will be very usefull for users in identifcation of potential vaccine for Ebola virus.

Links to files contain information about predicted epitopes in each protein of each strain of Ebola virus as well as links to alignment file.
ProteinsBundibugyo (BDBV)Sudan (SUDV)Reston (RESTV)Taiforest (TAFV)Zaire (EBOV)Protein Alignments
Nuceloprotein YP_003815432.1 YP_138520.1 NP_690580.1 YP_003815423.1 NP_066243.1 NP .aln
Polymerase complex YP_003815433.1 YP_138521.1 NP_690581.1 YP_003815424.1 NP_066244.1 VP35 .aln
Matrix Protein YP_003815434.1 YP_138522.1 NP_690582.1 YP_003815425.1 NP_066245.1 VP40 .aln
GP (Spike Glycoprotein) YP_003815435.1 YP_138523.1 NP_690583.1 YP_003815426.1 NP_066246.1 gp_str_spike .aln
GP (Small Secrted Glycoprotein) YP_003815436.1 YP_138524.1 NP_690584.1 YP_003815427.1 NP_066247.1 small_secreted .aln
GP (Second Secreted Glycoprotein) YP_003815437.1 -- -- YP_003815428.1 NP_066248.1 second_gp .aln
Minor Nucleoprotein YP_003815438.1 YP_138525.1 NP_690585.1 YP_003815429.1 NP_066249.1 minor_NM .aln
Membrane Assosicated Protein YP_003815439.1 YP_138526.1 NP_690586.1 YP_003815430.1 NP_066250.1 VP24 .aln
RNA dependent RNA Polymerase YP_003815440.1 YP_138527.1 NP_690587.1 YP_003815431.1 NP_066251.1 rna_polymerase .aln