EbolaVCR: Computational resources for designing drugs and vaccines against EBOLA virus

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Ebola Virus Computational Resources (EbolaVCR) is the in silico resources developed to facilitate scientific community fighting against deadly virus EBOLA. This server enlists possible vaccine candidates, therapeutic siRNAs and other related resources.
Reference: Dhanda et. al. (2016) A web-based resource for designing therapeutics against Ebola Virus. Sci Rep. 6:24782.

Species-Wise Summary

This page provides summary of comprehensive information on each species.

Important InformationSpecies
Bundibugyo Ebola Virus (BDBV)Reston Ebola Virus (RESTV)Sudan Ebola Virus (SUDV)Tai-Forest Ebola Virus (TAFV)Ebola Virus Mayinga Zaire(EBOV-May)
Antigens mapped10673
Epitopes mapped1418664426
Unique epitopes mapped1159394305
Peptides (9mer)54355129512654275421
Unique Peptides (9mer)48614841483948534847
Unique Peptides (9mer), Not found in human proteome48614839483848534847
Unique Peptides (9mer), Not found in human 1000-genomic proteome48614839483848534846
B cell epitope (LBtope)322340364265350
MHC class I binders (Propred1)33653331335733703347
HLA binders (nHLApred)713716725721709
CTL epitope (CTLpred)713716725721709
MHC class II binders (Propred)817829831821837
IFN inducing peptides (IFNepitope)15901588163015921567
Th1 inducing peptides (Propred + IFNepitope)272268285267271
IL4 stimulating peptides (IL4pred)36983587353536433694
Th2 inducing peptides (Propred + IL4pred)618596616611636