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Ebola Virus Computational Resources (EbolaVCR) is the in silico resources developed to facilitate scientific community fighting against deadly virus EBOLA. This server enlists possible vaccine candidates, therapeutic siRNAs and other related resources.
Reference: Dhanda et. al. (2016) A web-based resource for designing therapeutics against Ebola Virus. Sci Rep. 6:24782.

Papers published in Pubmed in last 12 months

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  1. WMA Resolution on Unproven Therapy and the Ebola Virus: Adopted by the 65th WMA General Assembly, Durban, South Africa, October 2014.
  2. Getting the most from the Ebola vaccine success.
  3. Use of ChAd3-EBO-Z Ebola virus vaccine in Malian and US adults, and boosting of Malian adults with MVA-BN-Filo: a phase 1, single-blind, randomised trial, a phase 1b, open-label and double-blind, dose-escalation trial, and a nested,
  4. The Ebola Vaccine Team B: a model for promoting the rapid development of medical countermeasures for emerging infectious disease threats.
  5. Ebola vaccine and corporate responsibility.
  6. Evaluating Ebola vaccine trials: insights from simulation.
  7. [August 2015: the first encouraging results of the Ebola vaccine].
  8. Ebola vaccine trial falls short of homerun.
  9. Interim results from a phase 3 Ebola vaccine study in Guinea.
  10. Ebola virus vaccine: benefit and risks of adenovirus-based vectors.
  11. Ebola vaccine yields first hopes of clinical efficacy.
  12. Two Ebola vaccine candidates pass phase 2, three others in phase 1.
  13. Chimpanzee Adenovirus Vector Ebola Vaccine--Preliminary Report.
  14. Chimpanzee Adenovirus Vector Ebola Vaccine--Preliminary Report.
  15. INFECTIOUS DISEASES. Unusual Ebola vaccine study pays off in Guinea.
  16. EBOLA VACCINE. VSV-EBOV rapidly protects macaques against infection with the 2014/15 Ebola virus outbreak strain.
  17. Efficacy and effectiveness of an rVSV-vectored vaccine expressing Ebola surface glycoprotein: interim results from the Guinea ring vaccination cluster-randomised trial.
  18. An Ebola vaccine: first results and promising opportunities.
  19. The effect of dose on the safety and immunogenicity of the VSV Ebola candidate vaccine: a randomised double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 1/2 trial.
  20. Immunology and evolvement of the adenovirus prime, MVA boost Ebola virus vaccine.
  21. How Ebola-vaccine success could reshape clinical-trial policy.
  22. Ebola vaccine trial results are "extremely promising," says WHO.
  23. The ring vaccination trial: a novel cluster randomised controlled trial design to evaluate vaccine efficacy and effectiveness during outbreaks, with special reference to Ebola.
  24. A thermostable, chromatographically purified Ebola nano-VLP vaccine.
  25. Aerosolized Ebola vaccine protects primates and elicits lung-resident T cell responses.
  26. Stakeholders' engagement with Ebola therapy research in resource limited settings.
  27. Acceptability and Willingness-to-Pay for a Hypothetical Ebola Virus Vaccine in Nigeria.
  28. Traditional passive immune therapy for emerging Ebola infection.
  29. Using convalescent whole blood or plasma as passive immune therapy for the global war against Ebola.
  30. Characterization of a Bivalent Vaccine Capable of Inducing Protection Against Both Ebola and Cross-clade H5N1 Influenza in Mice.
  31. [Overview of Ebola virus vaccine].
  32. Approaches to demonstration of Ebola virus vaccine efficacy.
  33. Ebola vaccine trial in Guinea.
  34. Ebola vaccine trial in west Africa faces criticism.
  35. Adenovirus-Vectored Vaccine Provides Postexposure Protection to Ebola Virus-Infected Nonhuman Primates.
  36. Long-term vaccine strategies for Ebola.
  37. The Ebola epidemic crystallizes the potential of passive antibody therapy for infectious diseases.
  38. A vaccine against Ebola: Problems and opportunities.
  39. Ebola vaccine trials: a race against the clock.
  40. Statistical power and validity of Ebola vaccine trials in Sierra Leone: a simulation study of trial design and analysis.
  41. Epitope-based peptide vaccine design and target site depiction against Ebola viruses: an immunoinformatics study.
  42. Early trials of Ebola vaccine show immune response.
  43. Vaccine testing. Ebola and beyond.
  44. Phase 1 Trials of rVSV Ebola Vaccine in Africa and Europe - Preliminary Report. (rVSV)-based vaccine expressing a Zaire ebolavirus (ZEBOV) glycoprotein was
  45. A Recombinant Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Ebola Vaccine - Preliminary Report. than 24,000 cases and 10,000 deaths. We present a preliminary report from two
  46. A cytomegalovirus-based vaccine provides long-lasting protection against lethal Ebola virus challenge after a single dose.
  47. An updated Ebola vaccine: immunogenic, but will it protect?
  48. Safety and immunogenicity of a novel recombinant adenovirus type-5 vector-based Ebola vaccine in healthy adults in China: preliminary report of a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 1 trial.
  49. Vaccines. An Ebola whole-virus vaccine is protective in nonhuman primates.
  50. Safety of recombinant VSV-Ebola virus vaccine vector in pigs.
  51. A long-lasting, single-dose nasal vaccine for Ebola: a practical armament for an outbreak with significant global impact.
  52. Share the risks of Ebola vaccine development.
  53. New Ebola vaccine trial is underway.
  54. Emergency postexposure vaccination with vesicular stomatitis virus-vectored Ebola vaccine after needlestick.
  55. A Kunjin Replicon Virus-like Particle Vaccine Provides Protection Against Ebola Virus Infection in Nonhuman Primates.
  56. Is the world ready for an Ebola vaccine?
  57. Clinical trials of Ebola vaccine must continue despite fall in number of cases.
  58. Preparing for renal replacement therapy in patients with the Ebola virus disease.
  59. Progress of vaccine and drug development for Ebola preparedness.
  60. Large-scale convalescent blood and plasma transfusion therapy for Ebola virus disease.
  61. Evaluating large-scale blood transfusion therapy for the current Ebola epidemic in Liberia.
  62. Ebola vaccine is safe and immunogenic, results show.
  63. Antibody therapy to limit the spread of Ebola virus.
  64. A Monovalent Chimpanzee Adenovirus Ebola Vaccine - Preliminary Report. 8500 deaths. A vaccine could contribute to outbreak control in the region. We
  65. Ebola vaccine candidates are tested in humans.
  66. Ebola vaccine to be tested on 30,000 volunteers.
  67. Ebola vaccine trials back on track.
  68. Curcumin suppression of cytokine release and cytokine storm. A potential therapy for patients with Ebola and other severe viral infections.
  69. Intranasal immunization with an adenovirus vaccine protects guinea pigs from Ebola virus transmission by infected animals.
  70. The Ebola Epidemic. High hopes for Guinean vaccine trial.
  71. Ebola, dogs and a vaccine.
  72. Trials of Ebola vaccine set to begin in west Africa.
  73. Loperamide therapy for voluminous diarrhea in Ebola virus disease.
  74. Ebola hemorrhagic Fever and the current state of vaccine development.
  75. Ebola raises profile of blood-based therapy.
  76. Bolstering Components of the Immune Response Compromised by Prior Exposure to Adenovirus: Guided Formulation Development for a Nasal Ebola Vaccine.
  77. A race for an Ebola vaccine: promises and obstacles.
  78. Ebola virus vaccine trials: the ethical mandate for a therapeutic safety net.
  79. Ebola therapy and health equity.
  80. Controlled viral glycoprotein expression as a safety feature in a bivalent rabies-ebola vaccine.
  81. International community ramps up Ebola vaccine effort.
  82. Positive results spur race for Ebola vaccine.
  83. Minimizing risks associated with renal replacement therapy in patients with Ebola virus disease.
  84. Is Canada patent deal obstructing Ebola vaccine development?
  85. Ebola therapy: Developing new drugs or repurposing old ones?
  86. Adrian Hill: accelerating the pace of Ebola vaccine research.
  87. One Step Closer to an Ebola Virus Vaccine. virus disease (EVD) in some parts of West Africa,1 the remaining pockets of
  88. Chimpanzee Adenovirus Vector Ebola Vaccine - Preliminary Report. prompted an international response to accelerate the availability of a preventive
  89. Using the Ebola outbreak as an opportunity to educate on vaccine utility.