IL4pred: A platform to design IL4 inducing peptide


In Silico Platform for Designing and Disovering of Interleukin-4 inducing peptides

Important Databases in Immunoinformatics
MHCBNMHCBN is a curated database consisting of detailed information about Major Histocompatibility Complex (MHC) Binding,Non-binding peptides and T-cell epitopes.The version 4.0 of database provides information about peptides interacting with TAP and MHC linked autoimmune diseases.
EPIMHCA Curated Database of MHC Ligands
IEDBThe IEDB contains data related to antibody and T cell epitopes for humans, non-human primates, rodents, and other animal species. Curation of peptidic and non-peptidic epitope data relating to all infectious diseases
PolysacDBPolysacDB database provides information pertaining to microbial surface polysaccharides basically carbohydrate antigens
B-cell Epitope Prediction
BcePred The BcePred server predict B cell epitope based on physio-chemical properties of amino acids.
ABCpred ABCpred server is to predict linear B cell epitope regions in an antigen sequence, using artificial neural network. This server will assist in locating epitope regions that are useful in selecting synthetic vaccine candidates, disease diagonosis and also in allergy research.
CBTOPE CBTOPE server discriminate the antibody epitope residues and non-epitope residues for a given protein sequence. The CBTOPE server uses the SVM based method by using the amino acid composition generated from the query sequence(s).
LBTOPE LBtope server discriminate the linear B cell epitopes and non-epitopes for a given protein sequence. The LBTOPE server uses the SVM based models using dipeptide composition generated from the query sequence.
Cytotoxic T-cell Epitope Prediction
CTLPREDDirect method of prediction of CTL Epitopes in an antigen sequence. This server utlize the machine learning techniques Support Vector Machine(SVM) and Aritificial Neural Network (ANN) for prediction
PAPPROC PAProC is a prediction tool for cleavages by human and yeast 20S proteasomes, based on experimental cleavage data.
Rankpep Prediction of binding peptides to Class I and Class II MHC molecules
T helper Epitope Prediction
NetMHCII The web server is serving to predict MHC Class-II binding regions in an antigen sequence
NetMHCIIpanNetMHCIIpan server predicts binding of peptides to more than 500 HLA-DR alleles using artificial neural networks (ANNs).
MHC2Pred Prediction of binders for MHC class II alleles. This allows to predict promiscuous class binders, which can bind to large number of MHC Class II alleles.
Promiscous MHC binder Prediction
ProPredThe aim of this server is to predict MHC Class-II binding regions in an antigen sequence, using quantitative matrices derived from published literature by Sturniolo et. al., 1999. The server will assist in locating promiscuous binding regions that are useful in selecting vaccine candidates.
Propred1 The ProPred-I is an on-line service for identifying the MHC Class-I binding regions in antigens. It implements matrices for 47 MHC Class-I alleles, proteasomal and immunoproteasomal models.
Innate immuninty web resources
PRRDB PRRDB is a unique database of its kind, which provides comprehensive information about innate immunity. This database will be very useful in designing effective adjuvant for subunit vaccine and in understanding role of innate immunity.
HaptenDB A database of hapten molecules which can not activate immune system but can stimulate immune response if attach with the carrier proteins