IL4pred: A platform to design IL4 inducing peptide


In Silico Platform for Designing and Disovering of Interleukin-4 inducing peptides

Analogs of IL-4 Inducing Peptides

This module of IL4pred allows user to predict whether their peptide have ability to induce IL4 or not, in simple words it allows to predict IL4 inducing peptides or IL4 peptides. In addition, it generate all possible mutants or analogs of a given peptide and predict IL4 inducing activity/ability of each analog. It also compute important physico-chemical properties like hydrophobicity, charge, pI etc. of peptide and its analogs (selected by the user in the display option). This way user can identify best analog that have highest IL4 inducing ability with the help of sorting facility. User can further generate analogs of best IL4 inducing analog/peptide. This way user can identify best IL4 inducing analog, generated after making minimum mutations in users peptide sequence. For more information click Help.

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