******Click here to download Debian file for OSDDlinux-standalone of Igpred******
IgPred is a web server developed for predicting different types of B-cell epitopes that can induce different class of Antibodies like IgG, IgE and IgA. In past large number of methods have been developed for predicting B-cell epitopes but no method have been developed for predicting antibody-specific epitopes. One of the major features of this server is that it assist users in designing B-cell epitopes using rational technique of mutation.

All models implemented in IgPred, were developed on experimentally validated non-redundant dataset and evaluated using five-fold cross validation technique. In addition, performance of these models were also evaluated on an indepenandent dataset. The performance of these models in term of accuracy is around 80% .

This is a user-friendly web server developed for researchers working in the field vaccinology or immunology. In order to provide efficient service to community we classify serivices in following five modules.

  • Epitopes Prediction: This module allows users to predict whether a peptide is B-cell epitope or not. If a peptide is a B-cell epitope then what class of antibody it will induce. This module has options for predicting antibody-class specific B-cell epitopes for variable length and for fixed length peptides. This module is designed for virtual scanning, selecting desired B-cell epitopes in a set of peptides.

  • Protein Scan: This module assists users to identify antigenic regions in a protein or antigen sequences. It has two options for model selection namely Variable length: for user defined window length and Fixed length: for fixed length window This module simply scan a protein to identify IgG-, IgA- or IgE-specific B-cell eptopes.

  • Epitope Mapping: The module is designed for mapping experimentally validated B-cell epitopes in an antigen or protein sequence. This module identify antibody-specific B-cell epitopes availble in IEDB in users query sequence.

  • Motif Scan: This module is designed to scan antibody-specific motifs in an antigen sequence provided by the users. The motifs for MotifScan module were derived from experimentally validated B-cell epitopes that induce class-specific (IgG, IgE and IgA) antibodies, using MEME/MAST software.

  • Similarity Search: This option allows users to perform similarity search against experimentally validated B-cell epitopes. In Similarity Search technique, similarity between antigen and epitoes is computed using Smith-Waterman similarity search algorithm.