A database of hormones and their receptors
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Fig1: Data types for Hormones and Receptors have different color schemes black colored data types/tools are common for Hormones as well as Receptors and brown colored are for Hormones.


Table-I Peptide Hormone(1585)

TypeNo. of Records
Unique Organisms291
Unique Domains33
Unique Hormone Type322
No. of Hormones with Receptors422
No. of Unpaired Hormone1163
Link to External Databases1. SwissProt  1585
2. Pfam  1357
3. GeneId  523
4. PDB  76
5. Drugpedia  1585

Table-II Non-peptide Hormone(370)

TypeNo. of Records
Unique Name370
Melting point90
Log P87
Water Solubility52
No. of Hormones with Receptors150
No. of Unpaired Hormone220
Links to External Database1. PubChem  344
2. KEGG  244
3. HMDB  282
4. PDB  37
5. DrugBank  65
6. Drugpedia  344

Table-III Receptor(2996)

TypeNo. of Records
Peptide Hormone Receptors828
Non-peptide Hormone Receptors2168
Unique Organisms380
Unique Domains39
No. of Receptors with Hormones764
No. of Unpaired Receptors2232
Link to External Database1. SwissProt  2996
2. Pfam  2852
3. GeneId  1262
4. PDB  92
5. Drugpedia  2996