A database of hormones and their receptors
Help for using HMRbase

HMRbase is a collection of manually curated Hormones and their receptors. This database basically provide the information about Peptide hormones, Non-peptide hormones and their receptors. Each record of HMRbase for Peptide hormone and receptors is more or less similar but the Non-peptide hormones have different schema. All data in this database is collected after extensive manual literature search and review of other publicly available general databases like SWISSPROT. HMRbase can be searched by keywords, organism name, molecular weight, number of amino acids, log P, water solubility, melting point, PDB ID, KEGG ID, DrugBank ID, HMDB ID etc. This database has been developed by Dr. GPS Raghava's group at Institute of Microbial Technology, New Delhi, INDIA. Each record of HMRbase may contain following information.

Fields for Peptide Hormone and Receptor table