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Human-HIV Protein Protein Interactions
The Human Immunodeficiency Virus(HIV) is known to interact with Host proteins to infect and survive into it. There are a large number of studies that showed these interacts as major Databases as well as Preotein specific interactions. Some of major databases and Interaction articles are as follows:

1. HIV-1, Human Protein Interaction Database
This database summarizes of all known interactions of HIV-1 proteins with host cell proteins, other HIV-1 proteins, or proteins from disease organisms associated with HIV / AIDS.
Catalogue of HIV-1 and Human Protein Interactions
Professors are trying to predicts the possible interactions amoung differnt proteins of HIV and HIV using various Machine learning methods e.g.
Predcition of Human and HIV proteins using Information Network
Prediction of HIV-1 virus-host protein interactions using virus and host sequence motifs.
MAPPIT(MAmmalian Protein-Protein Interaction Trap)
Computational Predcition of Host-pathogen Protein-Preotein Interactions
Identification of Host Proteins Required for HIV Infection Through a Functional Genomic Screen
Host cell factors in HIV Replication: Meta-analysis of genome-wide studies
Genes and Screens : the search for novel chemotherapeutic targets
Ortholog-based protein-protein interaction prediction and its application to inter-species interactions
Host pathogen Protein Interactions predicted by Comparative modeling
ELM server