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Drug Resistance

The cause of failure of ARV drugs is the rapid mutation rate of HIV and this occurs due to lack of proofreading activity in RTase enzyme.
Antiretroviral drugs slow the replication of HIV in the body. However the drugs cannot stop the replication completely, so some HIV is able to survive despite ongoing HIV treatment.
When someone has drug resistant HIV (commonly referred to as drug resistance), the amount of HIV in the blood rises and the risk of the person becoming ill increases. Drug resistance is one of the main reasons why antiretroviral treatment fails. If resistance develops, usually the drug regimen needs to be changed.

HIV Vaccine

It has been known for many years that HIV is an extremely difficult virus to render harmless, and no cure presently exists. Research into a vaccine is one of several strategies to reduce the worldwide harm from AIDS, with other approaches based upon antiviral treatments such as highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), and social approaches
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