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About HIV Proteome

The HIV-1 subtype C lifecycle is a complex multistage process involving interactions between HIV-1 proteins and host macromolecules. The Early phase of the lifecycle consists of infection of host cell and integration of viral genome, and the Late phase of the lifecycle consists of regulated expression of the viral gene products, and production of viral particles.
Structural Proteins:
* Gag polyprotein
- p17 Matrix
- p24 Capsid
- p2  1
- p7 Nucleocapsid 1  2
- p1
- p6 Vpr binding
* Env polyprotein
- gp120 Surface
- gp41 Transmembrane

Enzymatic Proteins:
* Pol polyprotein
- p51 Reverse Transciptase
- p15 RNase H
- p66 RT+RNase H
- p10 Protease
- p31 Integrase

Accessory Proteins:
* Nef protein (p27/p25)
* Vif protein (p23)
* Vpr protein (p12/p10)
* Vpu protein (p16)

Regulatory Proteins:
* Rev protein (p19)
* Tat protein (p16/p14)