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miRNA/siRNA and HIV

Studies are going on to use miRNA/siRNA to check HIV infective cycle. For example
siRNA, miRNA and HIV: promises and challenges
Changes in microRNA expression profiles in HIV-1-transfected human cells
Dual role of TRBP in HIV replication and RNA interference
HIV-1 nef suppression by virally encoded microRNA
RNA interference meets HIV-1: Will silence be golden?
Identification of Host Proteins Required for HIV Infection Through a Functional Genomic Screen
siRNA-directed inhibition of HIV-1 infection
Structural Genomics : a new era for pharmaceutical research
HIV-1 resistance conferred by siRNA cosuppression of CXCR4 and CCR5 coreceptors by a bispecific lentiviral vector
Interfering RNA and HIV: Reciprocal Interferences