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Bioinformatics and HIV Research

Bioinformatics is actively involved in many fields of HIV related research. Many groups throughout the world are doing computational work related with HIV.The major field of work done with Bioinformatics are :
1. Bioafrica is a platform which provides information about various aspects of HIV-1 subtype C in Africa. It deals with epidemiological resources (sequence database, phylogenetic tree etc), proteomic resources and HIV drug resistance resources in Africa.
2. Research work done with Bioinformatics and Computational Biology :
Bioinformatics-assisted anti-HIV therapy
Mapping cross-clade HIV-1 vaccine epitopes using a bioinformtaic approach,
Predition of HIV-1 Protease Inhibitor resistance and Related Work
An HLA-directed molecular and bioinformatics approach identifies new HLA-A11 HIV-1 subtype E cytotoxic T lymphocyte epitopes in HIV-1-infected Thais
A new perspective on V3 phenotype prediction
Diversity and complexity of HIV-1 drug resistance: A bioinformatics approach to predicting phenotype from genotype