Cite: Sharma et al. (2021) AlgPred 2.0: an improved method for predicting allergenic
proteins and mapping of IgE epitopes, Briefings in Bioinformatics,22(4): bbaa294.

Major Features

AlgPred 2.0 is an updated version of our old server AlgPred developed for predicting allergenic proteins (See Nucleic Acids Res. 2006; 34 : W202–W209). It utilize wide range of information and techniques for prediction that includes machine learning techniques, BLAST, MEME/MAST and IgE epitope mapping. Our models have been trained on large dataset that contain 10075 allergens and 10075 non-allergens. This server allow user to map 10451 IgE epitopes as well as blast search against these IgE epitopes. In addition to following major modules, server also have following important links; i) Download (Standalone Version & Datasets), ii) Algorithm, iii) Help page, iv) Team and iv) Contact.

Prediction of Allergens

This page allow user to submit their protein sequences in FASTA format for prediction of allergenic proteins.

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Mapping of IgE Epitopes

This module is designed for mapping experimentally validated IgE epitopes on a query protein.

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Mapping of Motifs

Allergen-specific motifs can be mapped on a protein submitted by user using software MAST and MERCI.

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Similarity by BLAST

Allow to perform BLAST search against database of allergens/non-allergens and against IgE epitopes.

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