GPSRdocker quick installation

This document is for experts who do not wants to read whole document instead they wants to start quickly. We believe that user is well-aware with DOCKER if not please read from Follow following instructions for quick start GPSRdocker In order to install docker, user have to follow below mention commands.

1. Install the docker into your system and create account at docker hub.

2. Download GPSRdocker image on your local machine using following command "docker pull raghavagps/gpsrdocker"

3. Now run following commnad "docker run --name=gpsr -itd raghavagps/gpsrdocker"

4. Now run following command "docker exec -it gpsr /bin/bash". This way you enter into docker.

5. Now run following command to run program "/gpsr/standalone/abcpred/"

6. Installing full GPSRdocker into your system "/gpsr/gpsr_install"

7. For saving GPSRdocker user have to run following commnad "docker commit gpsr raghavagps/gpsrdocker"

8. For copying between docker and host, run following command "docker cp gpsr:/gpsr/gpsr_install"

Click here to download GPSRdocker manual


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