Webservers for chemooinformatics

This page provides information on webservers developed at raghva group for carryiing out chemoinformatics related tasks.

Name Description
DrugMint A Server for Identification of Drug-like Molecules
AMBPred Prediction of AntiBacterial Compounds against MurA Enzyme
MDRIpred Prediction of Inhibitor against Drug Resistant M.Tuberculosis
DMKpred Prediction of Drug molecules for kinase protein
KiDoQ Prediction of inhibition constant of a molecule against Dihydrodipicolinate synthase enzyme
TOXIpred Prediction of aqueous toxicity of small chemical molecules in T. pyriformis
MetaPred Prediction of cytochrome P450 isoform responsible for metabolizing a drug molecule
GDoQ Model for prediction of GLMU inhibitors using QSAR and docking approach
KetoDrug Binding affinity prediction of ketoxazole derivatives against fatty acid amide hydrolase
TLR4HI SVM based model for computing inhbitors against human TLR4
ntEGFR Predicting and designing imidazothiazoles or pyrazolopyrimidines based inhibitors against wild/mutant EGFR
CancerIn Classification and designing of anti-cancer inhibitors
EGFRpred Prediction of inhibitor of anti-EGFR molecules of diverse class
DipCell Designing of inhibitors against pancreatic cancer cell lines
HIVfin Prediction of fusion protein inhibitors against HIV

About Raghava

Professor Gajendra P.S. Raghava, Indraprasta Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi is a strong supporter of open source software and open access, all resources developed at his group are free for scientific use.