Protein-based Vaccine Adjuvants

This module takes protein sequence in single letter code and predict highly potential immunomodulatory regions in a protein. It also predict important physicochemical properties. In addition, this module also suggest mutations required in immunomodulatory regions to enhance/reduce its potential. User may identify proteins which are dominated by immunomodulatory peptides or A-cell epitopes. One may also identify vaccine adjuvants from pathogenic proteins.

Type or paste protein sequence in single letter code:
Choose fragment length:     Select fragment length in which you want to fragment your protein(s).
Select prediction method:     Please select prediction method, SVM-based or SVM+motif-based, if you need motif information for prediction.

  •  Dipeptide Composition
  • Dipeptide Composition + Motif

    Choose SVM threshold:     SVM threshold is required for prediction. Moving the threshold value
    in either direction (+1 or -1) will lead to increase
    in probability of correct prediction in that direction.

  • Optional (Peptide Property)

    This server allow users to compute physicochemical property of residues. Please select property you wish to calculate

  •   Hydrophobicity
  •   Steric hinderance
  •   Solvation
  •   Hydropathicity 
  •    Amphiphilicity
  •   Hydrophilicity
  •   Net Hydrogen
  •    Charge
  •    pI
  •    Molecular weight
  • All