Prediction of A-cell Epitopes

This page allow users to submit their peptide sequence or library of peptide sequences in FASTA format. Server will predict whether submit peptide is A-cell epitope or not. This page also help to identify best A-cell epitope among multiple peptides submitted by user.

Peptide Submission Form

Paste sequence of Peptides in FASTA format:
Select prediction method: Please select prediction method, SVM-based or SVM+motif-based, if you need motif information for prediction.

  • Dipeptide Composition
  • Dipeptide Composition + Motif

    Choose SVM threshold:     SVM threshold is required for prediction. Moving the threshold value
    in either direction (+1 or -1) will lead to increase
    in probability of correct prediction in that direction.

  • Optional (Peptide Property)

    This server allow users to compute physicochemical property of residues. Please select property you wish to calculate

  •   Hydrophobicity   
  •   Steric hinderance   
  •   Solvation   
  •   Hydropathicity  
  •    Amphiphilicity   
  •   Hydrophilicity  
  •   Net Hydrogen   
  •    Charge  
  •    pI     
  •    Molecular weight  
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