Draw & Predict Half-life of Modified Peptide

This module allow users to predict the half-life of their modified as well as natural peptide based on structure submitted. Users can draw or sketch structure of their molecule using web based chemical drawing software Marvin Applet or open sdf structure of their peptide in Marvin Applet and add any modification in any particular position on the structure and submit it. If a user wants to edit any structure in his/her own favorite editor/software (like Pymol etc), he/she can do it and open that structure here in marvin sketch and submit the structure here. In order to facilitate users, an example structure is provided that can be loaded in marvin by clicking on "Load Example" button. For further information please visit HELP page.

*(Example Sequence is Sar-RVYIHPa; Sar=Sarcosine, D-Ala at 8th position)

Note: Chrome browser may have some compatibility issues with the above Marvin applet. This applet is best visualized in Firefox and Safari browsers.