Help Page of IL-6Pred

IL-6Pred Webserver

This webserver has been designed to help the scientific community in vaccine design and development. This server predict IL-6 inducing peptides.

This page provides help on different modules of server. Following are major modules in this server:

Predict: This module allows users to predict the IL-6 inducing peptide/epitope in a set of peptides or peptide library (virtual screening). User may submit large number of peptides and server will predict and rank them based on their potential to induce IL-6.

Design: It generate mutant of a query peptide and predict IL-6 inducing epitopes in mutants. This server allows users to identify minimum mutations required to increase its potency.

Scan: This module generates overlapping peptides of the query protein/antigen sequence and predicts IL-6 inducting ability of these antigenic regions. It allows users to identify regions in a protein/antigen have potency to induce IL-6. There are three Scan modules.

Protein Scan: This module allows user to identify regions in a protein, which are contributing in IL-6 induction, which may be further removed or altered. The other way round, here users can also search a protein sequence to find out novel IL-6 inducing peptides.

Motif Scan: This module allows users to scan or map IL-6 motifs in the query sequence, using MEME/MAST and MERCI programs.

BLAST Scan: This page allows users to search the query protein sequence against the database of known IL-6 inducers using similarity-based search method, i.e. BLAST.