Reference: Chaudhary et., al., (2016) A Web Server and Mobile App for Computing Hemolytic Potency of Peptides. Sci Rep. 2016.

Prediction of Hemotoxic Regions in a Protein
This tool is very userful in scanning hemotoxic regions in a protein. This module takes input in single line (single letter code) and predict highly potential hemolytic regions in a protein. It also predict important physicochemical properties. In addition, this module also suggest mutations required in hemolytic regions to reduce its hemotoxicity. For more information click Help.
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Physicochemical Properties to Be Displayed

 Hydrophobicity     Sterichinderance     Side bulk     Hydropathicity     Amphipathicity   
 Hydrophilicity     Net Hydrogen     Charge    pI     Molecular weight

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