Reference: Chaudhary et., al., (2016) A Web Server and Mobile App for Computing Hemolytic Potency of Peptides. Sci Rep. 2016.

Prediction of Hemolytic Potency of Peptides
This module allow users to predict hemolytic activity of their peptide. In addition, this module generates all possible mutants of a given peptide (all possible single mutations) and predicts hemolytic activity of each mutant along with all the important physicochemical properties (like hydrophobicity, charge, pI). As a possible application, user can identify and alter a particular residue, which can reduce/increase the hemolytic potency of a peptide drastically. For more information click Help.

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SVM (HemoPI-1) based   SVM + Motif (HemoPI-1) based  
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SVM (HemoPI-3) based        Please select prediction method, SVM-based or SVM+motif-based, if you need motif information for prediction.

Physicochemical Properties to Be Displayed:Details
  Hydrophobicity      Steric hinderance      Solvation      Hydropathicity      Amphiphilicity   
  Hydrophilicity     Net Hydrogen       Charge      pI         Molecular weight