Reference: Chaudhary et., al., (2016) A Web Server and Mobile App for Computing Hemolytic Potency of Peptides. Sci Rep. 2016.

Mobile Applicaiton of HemoPI
In order to assist avid mobile users; we have also developed mobile application of HemoPI compatible for android mobiles. This app provides two main utilities: (i) Predict and (ii) Mutatnt. Only HemoPI-2 model is implemented in Mobile App. For more information click Help.
The Mobile Version can be downloaded from link given below.

Download HemoPI Mobile Apps

How to install Mobile version.

1). Download the Android Package file HemoPI.apk from above given link.
2). Transfer downloaded file onto your Android based Mobile Phone.
3). Then, Install the application just by clicking it.
4). User have to give the file read and write permission to the application during installation for the running of the application.

1) Home Page of HemoPI Mobile App


2) Hemolytic Potency Calculation Page for the given Input Sequence.


3) Hemolytic Potency Result Page.


4) Analog Generation from a single sequence.



5) Result Page of Mutants with Hemolytic Status.