Reference: Chaudhary et., al., (2016) A Web Server and Mobile App for Computing Hemolytic Potency of Peptides. Sci Rep. 2016.

Welcome to HemoPI

Major features of HemoPI
Overall aim of this serve is to facilitate scientific community innvolved in designing of therateutic peptides. This server allow user to predict predict hemolytic or hemotoxic or RBC lysing potential of a peptide. It allow users to perform virious functions that includes virtual screening of peptides, analog-based peptide design. Server have following major menus/submenus and modules:
  • Hemolytic Potency: This option allow to predict hemolytic potency of a peptide & its analogs.
  • Virtual Screening: It allow to screen hemolytic or non-hemolytic peptides from a library of peptides.
  • Protein Mapping: Users may predict hemolytic regions in a protein using this menu.
  • Mobile App: In order to facilitate mobile users, a mobile app have been developed.
  • Q. Matrices: One may use Quantitative matices developed in this study for designing peptide of desired hemotoxicity.
  • Standalone Java Version Java version of HemoPI is available for local machines.