Data Statistics

This page provides various types of information that include total number of proteins, chains, metal binding proteins, ligand binding proteins.

Overall information about PDB
Name             Number
Total Protein IDs136276
Total Protein Chains387102
Total Residues93969419

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Regular secondary structure statistics
Type of Regular secondary structure Number of residues having specific secondary structure Ratio of residues having specific secondary structure
Alpha helix (H) 3078227132.76
Helix-3 (G) 33782053.6
Helix-5 (I) 3879410.41
Strand (E) 1981228821.08
Beta bridge (B) 11514221.23
Bend (S) 86064579.16
Turn (T) 1050563511.18
Coil (C) 1934510620.59

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Irregular secondary structure statistics
Type of Irregular secondary structure Number of PDB chains
Betaturn type I321883
Betaturn type I' 148199
Betaturn type II251459
Betaturn type II'100301
Betaturn type IV328805
Betaturn type VIa128710
Betaturn type VIb29342
Betaturn type VIb49367
Betaturn type VIII235163
Gammaturn type C 263393
Gammaturn type I68264
Bulges type B11550
Bulges type C208006
Bulges type G167898
Bulges type S28330
Bulges type W41564