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CancerLivER: A Database of Gene expression and Biomarker data of Liver Cancer

CancerLivER (Liver Cancer Expression Resource) is a database of liver cancer that maintains gene expression datasets and biomarkers curated from public repositories and literature respectively. It contains the following three modules for extracting and analyzing data.

This module allows the users to retrieve genes expression dataset of more than 9600 samples (115 datasets) in CancerLivER. It has both searching (Keyword, Complex) and browsing (Profiling technique, Disease condition, Type of Transcript) facilities for users.

This module is designed to access more than 594 liver cancer biomarkers maintained in this database. It has searching (Keyword, Complex ) as well as browsing (Gene/ Protein, Biomarker type, Biomolecules, Source ) facility.

This module allows users to perform different types of analysis of genes on expression data. It facilitates users to analyze and compare the expression pattern of samples obtained from different profiling techniques using Single gene, Multiple genes, Pathways, GO-term .

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