Mutation-based Drug Prioritization
This page is designed to provide drug prioritization prediction with mutations of genes. This page is provided with three options:

Option1 In this modue user has to provide the mutational information of limited number (30) of genes. With a limitation of lower performance, this module only requires selection of mutated genes in the given table.
Option2 This module requires of list of all mutated genes of a genome. User has to submit only mutated genes as a list of Hugo names. Option 2,3 and 4 are based on same models and should be chosen for better prediction
Option3 This module uses the converted Variant Calling Format (VCF) file of genome sequencing. Since the VCF files are large in size, the user has to convert the VCF file to ANNOVAR input file and then upload it to server.
Option4 Here user can submit the raw sequencing file in the form of Variant Calling Format (VCF), which is well accepted format for variant information storage.
For more information see HELP page.