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Advanced Center for Protein Informatics, Science, Engineering & Technology

Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh is working on ambitious project "Advanced Center for Protein Informatics, Science, Engineering & Technology". Aim of this project is to Establishing and Consolidating necessary expertise, instrumentation and facilities for research under a single roof for i) Protein Bioinformatics; ii) Protein Biophysics, Biochemistry and Physical chemistry; iii) Protein Engineering; iv) Ready link-up with protein technologies; v) Training/workshops protocols for developing skill sets on enzyme/protein therapeutics and on formulations; vi) Nurturing technologies at the lab level with industry.

Under this project, facility creation is in progress. This site BioTherapi is bioinformatics part of this project. Following are few snapshots on this centre

Modell of Centre

Building under construction