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Techniques in Protein based Drug Deleivery

1. Microsphere Method

2. Parenteral (injection): Route of delivery for 95% of proteins that allows rapid and complete absorption and require smaller dose, avoids first pass metabolism, avoids protein unfriendly zones.

a) Intravenous
b) Intramuscular
c) Subcutaneous
d) Intradermal

3. Oral: For example insulin is formulated with a variety of additives and stabilizers to prevent denaturation on aerosolization and to stabilize aerosol particles. Insulin is absorbed through thin tissue layers in mouth and throat.

4. Nasal delivery

5. Patch or transdermal route: Adheres to specific region of GI tract.Ethylcellulose film protects drugs from proteolytic degradation. This is composed of 4 layers

a) Ethylcellulose backing: that prevents attack from proteases and prevents luminal dispersion.
b) Drug container: that holds powders, dispersions, liquids, gels, microspheres.
c) Mucoadhesive glue: that adheres to GI mucosa and permits controlled release - may also contain adjuvants.
d) pH Surface layer: that determines the adhesive site in the GI tract.

6. Pulmonary

7. Rectal/Vaginal

8. Ocular