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Infrastructure for Biotherapi

Bioinformatics centre at Institute of Microbial Technolgy, Chandiagh, India is creating infrastructure for providing platform for assembling of genomes. Presently, we have following infrastructure

Computer Hardware
1. SUN Cluster: 5-node SUN cluster, each node have 8-quad core processor. Total core 160 core of AMD processor with sufficient RAM and storage.
2. IBM Cluster: IBM cluster based on P6 processor having 56 core.
3. HCL cluster: HCL cluster with 50 node, each node have two INTEL-Xeon quad core processor of 3.0GHz. Total 400 core and computing power around 6 teraflops.

In addition to above major machines we have a large number of computers (range from single to 8 processors) to maintain bioinformatics infrastructure.

Computer Software
We have developed more than 100 websevers/software for bioinformatics. These are avilable to public from our site. In addition to our servers, we have most of bioinformatics software and databases at our centre. In order to provide Biotherapi service to community, we done data mining to extact usefull information from differnet resources, which are available free for public on our machines.