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For peptide delivery there are challenges posed by the peptides which include large molecular weight, electrical charge,poor biomembrane permeability,enzymatic degradation, relatively hydrophilic nature and instability in extreme pH environments.

1. Poor biomembrane permeability

2. Enzymatic degradation

3. Low pH

Electrical charge has been used for delivering large size proteins with low electrical charge through the skin. Some success has been reported in delivering peptides such as antiflammin 1 using this technique. Proteins as large as insulin, interferon γ and erythropoeitin could be delivered across the skin using low frequency ultrasound. The pulmonary route provides the most encouraging data for noninvasive delivery of peptides. Oral delivery of therapeutic Optimisation of Drug peptides is very problematic due to poor intrinsic permeability, susceptibility to enzymeatic attack, rapid post-absorptive clearance and chemical instability. Except for cyclosporin very limited success has been achieved using this route.