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Submit Information on Antitb Peptide

Sequence of peptide (e.g. STLHLVLRLRGG ):
Name of peptide (e.g. Polydim-I):
Origin of peptide (e.g. Human neutrophils,Human cytolytic lymphocytes etc.):
Chirality (L/D), Linear/cyclic
Nature (e.g. Natural/Protein derived/Synthetic ):
Chemical Modification (e.g. disulfide linkage, modified amino acid etc.):
Target of action (e.g. clpP1P2 Peptidase etc.):
Mechanism of action(e.g. Cell wall desruption etc.):
Species (e.g. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis H37RV) :
N-terminal modification (e.g. Acetylation):
C-terminal modification (e.g. Amidation):
Cell line used (e.g. THP 1 cell lines) :
PMID (PubMed identification number) :

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