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Other Peptide Resources

This page provides the information of other peptide resourses.

No. Database/Link Description
1.PeMtbA database of MHC antigenic peptide of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
2.CancerPDFA repository of cancer-associated peptidome found in human biofluids
3.THPdbDatabase of FDA-approved peptide and protein therapeutics
4.APD3Antimicrobial peptide database
5.InverPepA database of invertebrate antimicrobial peptides
6.MBPDBMilk bioactive peptide database
7.miPepBaseMimicry Peptide Database
8.HLAsupEDatabase of HLA supertype-specific epitopes
9.SATPdbDatabase of structurally annotated therapeutic peptides
10.MtbVebA web-based platform developed for designing vaccines against existing and emerging strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis
11.PeptiCKDdbPeptide- and protein-centric database for the investigation of genesis and progression of chronic kidney disease
12.DBAASP v.2Antimicrobial peptides
13.CAMPR3Collection of Anti-Microbial Peptides
14.DRAMPA comprehensive data repository of antimicrobial peptides
15.CPPsite 2.0An updated version of database CPPsite
16.PEPlifeA Repository of the Half-life of Peptides
17.PRIDE ArchiveDatabase is one of the world-leading data repositories of mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics data
18.CPADCurated Protein Aggregation Database
19.IEDBImmune Epitope Database
20.AHTPDBAntihypertensive peptides
21.CancerPPDAnticancer peptides and proteins
22.BaAMPsAMPs against microbial biofilms
23.ParaPepAnti-parasitic peptides
24.AVPdbAntiviral peptides
25.CAMPAntimicrobial peptides
26.MilkAMPAntimicrobial peptides of dairy origin
27.DBAASPDatabase of Antimicrobial Activity and Structure of Peptides
28.HemolytikHemolytic peptides
29.HIPdbHIV Inhibiting Peptides
30.QuorumpepsQuorum sensing peptides
31.TumorHoPeTumor Homing Peptides
32.YADAMPAntimicrobial Peptides
33.CPPsiteCell Penetrating Peptides
34.BrainpepsBlood-Brain barrier peptides
35.DADPAnuran Defense Peptides
36.ConoServerConopeptides (expressed by snails)
38.Human Urine peptide databaseNaturally occuring human urinary peptides
39.BACTIBASEBacteriocins (natural AMPs)
40.MHCBN 4.0MHC binders and non-binders
41.PhytAMPAntimicrobial plant peptides
42.APD2The Antimicrobial Peptide (AMPs)
43.HmrbasePeptide hormones and their receptors
44.RAPDRecombinantly produced antimicrobial peptides
45.PeptideDBBioactive peptide database
46.SPdbA signal peptide database
47.Defensins KnowledgebaseDefensin family of antimicrobial peptides
48.EPIMHCMHC-binding peptides
49.AntiJenMHC-binding peptides
50.BcipepB-cell epitopes
51.PeptaibolAntibiotic peptides