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Other Mtb Resources

This page provides the information of other resourses related to Mycobacterium sp.

TB database

The Tuberculosis database (TBDB) is an integrated database providing access to TB genomic data and resources, relevant to the discovery and development of TB drugs, vaccines and biomarkers. The current release of TBDB houses genome sequence data and annotations for 28 different Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains and related bacteria.


The database provides clinical, pharmacological and molecular data on all approved anti-tuberculosis drugs as well as those in research pipeline. The present version includes 28 approved and 12 candidate drugs, which are in different phase of drug discovery and pipeline.

Tuberculosis Drug Resistance Mutation Database

This houses both annotated genome sequence data and expression data from M. tuberculosis and related species.

GMTV database

The first database, which integrates clinical, epidemiological and microbiological with genome variations based on whole genome sequencing data.


Mycobacterium tuberculosis Structural Database (MtbSD) is a resource database for 3D structures of Mycobacterium tuberculosis proteins.