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This page provides comprehensive information about topically administered skin penetrating peptide database TopicalPdb.

Introduction to TopicalPdb


TopicalPdb is the database of topically administered peptides which penetrate through the skin non invasively. It is a manually curated database and holds 657 entries. Data was collected and compiled from research articles. The fields incorporated provide information on (i) diverse chemical modifications, (ii) in vitro/in vivo model systems (iii) different cargoes delivered by TAPs. TopicalPdb covers different types of TAPs that includes linear, cyclic, and TAPs with various non-natural residues. In addition, it provides structural information of TAPs.

Route of administration


Routes of administartion of topical peptides are:




Data Compilation


Data was collected by procuring articles from pubmed using key words like "skin penetrating peptides, topical peptides and trandermal peptides in title or abstract. There are a total of 657 entries in the database.

TopicalPdb Architecture


TopicalPdb provides the users a comprehensive information of the TAPs giving details like their sequence, length, origin, chirality, nature, N-terminal modifications, C-terminal modifications, uptake efficiency, uptake mechanism, in vitro/in vivo models systems used for TAP evaluation and various cargoes delivered by TAPs. Also, various tools like BLAST, Smith-waterman, Mapping and alignment have been integrated to make it more user friendly.

Architecutre of TopicalPdb

Field Information


Field NameDescriptionExample
IDAll the topically applied peptides have been assigned a unique id number which is constant throughout the database.1002
PMIDIt is a PubMed identification number for further reference.24842663
YEARIt is the year of the pubmed publication2014
NAMEIt represents name of the peptide used in literature.AAPV
LENGTHIt represents length of the peptide.4
SEQUENCEIt provides the amino acid sequence of peptide AAPV
N-TERMINAL MODIFICATIONIt represents what N-terminal modification does the peptide have. Acetylation
C-TERMINAL MODIFICATIONIt represents what C-terminal modification does the peptide have.Amidation
LINEAR/CYCLICIt represents whether the peptide is linear or cyclic.Linear
CHIRALITYIt represents chirality of the peptide.L
NATURE OF PEPTIDE OR CARGOThis field explains what kind of behaviour does the peptide show in biological conditions.It fits the P-P1 subsites of elastase and inhibits HNE competitively
ORIGIN OF PEPTIDE It gives information about the origin of peptide based on literature.Synthetic
MECHANISMThis field explains mechanism of action of the peptideIncreased lipophilicity enhances permeation, enantiomeric selectivity is apparent
CARGO SEQUENCE OR STRUCTURE This field conatins sequence and structural information about the cargoes carried by the peptidesCSNLSTCVLGKLSQELHKLQTYPRTNTGSGTP
NAME OF THE CARGOThis field tells the name of the cargoSalmon calcitonin
ASSAYThis field tells the assay that has been used to conduct the permeation studies of the peptideFranz diffusion cell, HPLC
ENHANCERThis field explains the enhancers used to increase permeability Propylene glycol
PROPERTY OF ENHANCERIt explains the property of enhancer Enhancer molecule hydrodispersion gel (HDG) used in the formulation applied
CONCENTRATION OF PEPTIDEIt tells the concentration of peptide used for studying its effect. 2 mg in 200 μL of propylene glycol
INCUBATION TIMERepresents the time needed to see the effect of peptide.24 hours
PERMEABILITY It tells whether the topically applied peptide is permeable into the skin, nose or eyeYes
TISSUE SAMPLEIt tells on which tissue the peptide was applied uponSkin

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is TopicalPdb ?

Answer: TopicalPdb is the database of peptides that can be applied topically through dermal, nasal or ocular route.

Q2. Is TopicalPdb a curated database?

Answer: Yes, it is a manually curated database and data was collected from research articles.

Q3. How is TopicalPdb different?

Answer: TopicalPdb is a unique database comprising of 657 unique peptides which can be applied topically through dermal,occular or nasal route. This database provides comprehensive information about the peptides, which will prove important for the people working in field of drug formulations.

Q4. Does TopicalPdb provide information of chemically modified TAPs?

Answer: Yes, TopicalPdb contains information of diverse types of chemical modifications, including end modifications (acylation, amidation) non-natural residues ( beta-alanine) side chain modifications, peptide backbone modifications.

Q5. Does TopicalPdb give information of peptide structures?

Answer: Yes, TopicalPdb provides information of predicted secondary and tertiary structures of TAPs including structure of TAPs having D-amino acids and few modified residues like ornithine and beta-alanine.

Q6. Is TopicalPdb website compatible for smartphone?

Answer: Yes, we have built user-friendly responsive website, which is compatible for desktop, tablet and smartphone.