Acknowledgment page of PRRDB 2.0

In this database we used different resources, we are thankful to developers of these resources. In this database, we collected experimentally validated Receptors and their ligands from various studies, we are thankful to these researchers. It is not possible to thank all researchers individually, here we are listing various resources/software heavily used in this database.

ResourcesApplication of Resource in PRRDB 2.0
BLASTIntegrated in website for performing database scanning
Smith-watermanHere used for searching similar PRRs
ApacheThis database is launched using Apache server
Pubchem AssayThis database have linked pubchem assay for all receptors
PubmedThe data is manually curated and retried from Pubmed.
PHPPHP has been used extensively in our web pages.
Phyre2Phyre2 is used in prediction of unavailable structure of PRRs.
MySQLWe manage data using MySQL (a relational database management system)
Swiss-protThe 3-D structures of PRRs have been extracted using Swiss-prot