B-cell Epitope

General Information and Help

General Information

Neurotoxins are selective for molecules of the nervous tissue and block in one-way or another the transmission of the nerve impulse.The nervous system is essential and important in animal physiology, and even minor modifications of a few neurons may result in a profound modification of behavior. Neurotoxins act on nerve terminals and block the transmission of the nerve impulse and are thus most poisonous. The range of organisms that produce neurotoxins for prey capture and defense is diverse and includes eubacteria, cnidarians, molluscs, arthropoda, and numerous vertebrates (Goonetilleke and Harris, 2004 ; Stockman and Heurtault, 1995). Many of these neurotoxins are highly potent and specifically target ion channels, nicotinic acetylcholine receptors or other targets involved in important physiological functions (de O Beleboni et al., 2004; Tsetlin and Hucho, 2004). Pharmaceutical companies are now utilizing the selectivity and potency of neurotoxin peptides and proteins to develop novel medications for pain, epilepsy and other disorders (McIntosh and Jones, 2001).The neurotoxins are yielding new drug leads for the development of pharmaceuticals with applications for the treatment of human neurological disorders including epilepsy, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and chronic neuropathic pain syndromes.

Stepwise HELP

Name of Protein:- This is an optional field. It can have any alphabet and numbers with "-" or "_".

Protein Sequence:-NTXpred server allows the submission of sequence in any of the standard formats. The users can paste primary sequences in the provided inbox. The server also has the facility for uploading the local sequence files.

Sequence format:- The server can accept both the formated or without formatted primary protein sequences. The users should choose weather the sequence uploaded or pasted in plain or formated before running prediction.

Selection of types of predictions:- The server allows 4 types of prediction, select them
  • Neurotoxins or non-toxin ;
  • Based on Source;
  • Based on Function;
  • Sub-classification of ion channnels inhibitors;

Prediction Approach:- The server allows the prediction on the basis of three different approaches, Select any one out of them
  • Amino acid Composition
  • Amino acid composition and length
  • Dipeptide
  • Dipeptide and length
  • PSI-Blast

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