NPACT- Naturally occuring Plant based Anticancerous Compound-Activity-Target DataBase
NPACT search molecule Form
NPACT allow to find similar molecules. You may submit a single molecules using any of the 3 methods. Please use only one method at a time
1. Sketch using JME editor.
2. Paste molecules in the box.
3. Upload file containing moleclues in standard format.
Please select type of search Substructure Search | Exact Search | Exact Fragment search | Superstructure Search
Method 1. Sketch Structure using JME editor 

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You have to enable Java and JavaScritpt on your machine !

(JME Editor courtesy of Peter Ertl, Novartis)
Method 2. Paste structure in Mol/SMILE/SDF format    

Method 3.  Upload File :    
Select the input format (If used Method 2 or 3)

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