ImmunoSPdb: An Archive of Immunosuppressive Peptides

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ImmunoSPdb is a repository of experimentally validated peptides which suppress the immune system. All information compiled in this database has been extracted from research papers and patents.
Reference: Usmani et al. (2019) ImmunoSPdb: an archive of immunosuppressive peptides. Database, Volume 2019, baz012.

Source: urbanhealth

Major Features

Searching Facilities: Searching modules allow users to retrieve data from database using various options that includes; i) searching on any field, ii) boolean searching (AND, OR & NOT) on any field, iii) SMILES based search iv) composition/frequency of amino acid residues and iv) composition/frequency of amino acid properties.

Group-wise Data Browsing: Modules under this section allow the users to retrieve data in classified manner. These modules allow users to browse immunosuppressive peptides for desired categories.

Similarity Search: BLAST and Smith-Waterman smilarity based searches are included. It maintains primary, secondary and tertiary structure of all peptides; if structures were not available it was predicted using structure prediction methods (PepStrMod and I-TASSER). Web based tools integrated in ImmunoSPdb allow users to perform similarity based search on sequence and composition.

Mobile Compatible Website: ImmunoSPdb is built on a responsive template, compatible for desktop, tablet and smart phone. These templates are dynamic that fit content based on screen size of device.