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This page gives the option to the users to download the pdf files of the articles related to hemolytic peptides (which are available in Pubmed Central as open access). For other articles which are not open access, user can download its abstract. For more information see HELP page.
From Year 2011 to 2013
High expression of a plectasin-derived peptide NZ2114 in Pichia pastoris and its pharmacodynamics, postantibiotic and synergy against Staphylococcus aureus.23624708
Design of potent, non-toxic anticancer peptides based on the structure of the antimicrobial peptide, temporin-1CEa.23609760
Structure and function of a potent lipopolysaccharide-binding antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory peptide.23594231
Structure-activity relationship of potent antimicrobial peptide analogs of Ixosin-B amide.23570790
Dimerization of aurein 1.2: effects in structure, antimicrobial activity and aggregation of Cândida albicans cells.23519707
Expression, purification and characterization of cecropin antibacterial peptide from Bombyx mori in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.23500722
Rational design of cationic antimicrobial peptides by the tandem of leucine-rich repeat.23430306
Structural characterization of de novo designed L5K5W model peptide isomers with potent antimicrobial and varied hemolytic activities.23344198
Cloning, expression and characterization of antimicrobial porcine β defensin 1 in Escherichia coli.23220638
Antimicrobial peptides from arachnid venoms and their microbicidal activity in the presence of commercial antibiotics.23093034
Effect of repetitive lysine-tryptophan motifs on the bactericidal activity of antimicrobial peptides.22914980
Purification and antimicrobial function of ubiquitin isolated from the gill of Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas.22858580
Effects of thioredoxin: SUMO and intein on soluble fusion expression of an antimicrobial peptide OG2 in Escherichia coli.22670762
Five different piscidins from Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus: analysis of their expressions and biological functions.23226256
A novel synthetic peptide from a tomato defensin exhibits antibacterial activities against Helicobacter pylori.23124812
Design of a novel tryptophan-rich membrane-active antimicrobial peptide from the membrane-proximal region of the HIV glycoprotein, gp41.23019445
cDNA cloning and characterization of the antibacterial peptide cecropin 1 from the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella L.22921836
Conformational flexibility determines selectivity and antibacterial, antiplasmodial, and anticancer potency of cationic α-helical peptides.22869378
Synthesis and properties of cyclic gomesin and analogues.22865764
Role of helicity on the anticancer mechanism of action of cationic-helical peptides.22837667
Antibacterial activity and mechanism of a scorpion venom peptide derivative in vitro and in vivo.22792229
Purification and characterization of YFGAP, a GAPDH-related novel antimicrobial peptide, from the skin of yellowfin tuna, Thunnus albacares.22771964
Biochemical property and membrane-peptide interactions of de novo antimicrobial peptides designed by helix-forming units.22699557
Membrane interaction and antibacterial properties of chensinin-1, an antimicrobial peptide with atypical structural features from the skin of Rana chensinensis.22581068
Discovery of potent antimicrobial peptide analogs of Ixosin-B.22578463
Effect of hydrocarbon stapling on the properties of α-helical antimicrobial peptides isolated from the venom of hymenoptera.22526241
The Design and Construction of K11: A Novel α-Helical Antimicrobial Peptide.22518150
The hymenochirins: a family of host-defense peptides from the Congo dwarf clawed frog Hymenochirus boettgeri (Pipidae).22497805
Antimicrobial/cytolytic peptides from the venom of the North African scorpion, Androctonus amoreuxi: biochemical and functional characterization of natural peptides and a single site-substituted analog.22484288
Structure, activity and interactions of the cysteine deleted analog of tachyplesin-1 with lipopolysaccharide micelle: Mechanistic insights into outer-membrane permeabilization and endotoxin neutralization.22464970
Molecular cloning and characterization of antimicrobial peptides from skin of the broad-folded frog, Hylarana latouchii.22426384
Effects of dimerization on the structure and biological activity of antimicrobial peptide Ctx-Ha.22391524
Novel phenol-soluble modulin derivatives in community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus identified through imaging mass spectrometry.22371493
Truncated peptides from melittin and its analog with high lytic activity at endosomal pH enhance branched polyethylenimine-mediated gene transfection.22328546
Antimicrobial activity of peptides derived from human ß-amyloid precursor protein.22249992
Recombinant expression, purification, and antimicrobial activity of a novel hybrid antimicrobial peptide LFT33.22189867
Host-defense peptides from skin secretions of the tetraploid frogs Xenopus petersii and Xenopus pygmaeus, and the octoploid frog Xenopus lenduensis (Pipidae).22123629
Characterization of BmKbpp, a multifunctional peptide from the Chinese scorpion Mesobuthus martensii Karsch: gaining insight into a new mechanism for the functional diversification of scorpion venom peptides.22115565
Antibacterial potential of hGlyrichin encoded by a human gene.22083756
Lasiocepsin, a novel cyclic antimicrobial peptide from the venom of eusocial bee Lasioglossum laticeps (Hymenoptera: Halictidae).22038181
Extremely abundant antimicrobial peptides existed in the skins of nine kinds of Chinese odorous frogs.22029824
Antitumor effects and cell selectivity of temporin-1CEa, an antimicrobial peptide from the skin secretions of the Chinese brown frog (Rana chensinensis).21871946
Effect of cholesterol on the membrane interaction of Modelin-5 isoforms.22082130
Biosynthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of backbone-cyclized α-defensins.22040603
Glycosylated analogs of formaecin I and drosocin exhibit differential pattern of antibacterial activity.21968924
Antimicrobial activity, bactericidal mechanism and LPS-neutralizing activity of the cell-penetrating peptide pVEC and its analogs.21956793
Designed antimicrobial and antitumor peptides with high selectivity.21955251
A Synthetic mirror image of kalata B1 reveals that cyclotide activity is independent of a protein receptor.21928440
Evaluating antioxidative activities of amino acid substitutions on mastoparan-B.21924309
Pharmacodynamic synergy strictly dependent on the co-operative aggregation of enantiomers of cyclic peptides in the bacterial cell membrane.21820306
Rational design of peptides with anti-HCV/HIV activities and enhanced specificity.21801309
Effects of positively charged arginine residues on membrane pore forming activity of Rev-NIS peptide in bacterial cells.21762675
The zebrafish embryo as a tool for screening and characterizing pleurocidin host-defense peptides as anti-cancer agents.21729875
Comparative antimicrobial activity and mechanism of action of bovine lactoferricin-derived synthetic peptides.21607695
Decoding the membrane activity of the cyclotide kalata B1: the importance of phosphatidylethanolamine phospholipids and lipid organization on hemolytic and anti-HIV activities.21576247
Reversed sequence enhances antimicrobial activity of a synthetic peptide.21462284
Structure-activity relationships of piscidin 4, a piscine antimicrobial peptide.21355570
CT and MRI features of ileostomies.21343499
Alanine scanning analysis and structure-function relationships of the frog-skin antimicrobial peptide temporin-1Ta.21337476
Improvement of the efficacy of linear undecapeptides against plant-pathogenic bacteria by incorporation of D-amino acids.21335383
Structure-activity relationship, conformational and biological studies of temporin L analogues.21319749
Bioactivity and the first transmission electron microscopy immunogold studies of short de novo-designed antimicrobial peptides.21300831
Rational design of α-helical antimicrobial peptides to target Gram-negative pathogens, Acinetobacter baumannii and Pseudomonas aeruginosa: utilization of charge, 'specificity determinants,' total hydrophobicity, hydrophobe type and location as design parameters to improve the therapeutic ratio.21219588
Venom peptides from solitary hunting wasps induce feeding disorder in lepidopteran larvae.21184791
Characterization of the novel antibacterial peptide Leucrocin from crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) white blood cell extracts.21184776
Synthetic cationic amphiphilic α-helical peptides as antimicrobial agents.21168911
Identification of a cysteine-rich antimicrobial peptide from salivary glands of the tick Rhipicephalus haemaphysaloides.21168461
Activity optimization of an undecapeptide analogue derived from a frog-skin antimicrobial peptide.21110126
Vejovine, a new antibiotic from the scorpion venom of Vaejovis mexicanus.20969885
Molecular cloning and characterization of novel cathelicidin-derived myeloid antimicrobial peptide from Phasianus colchicus.20955730
Functional characterization of a new holin-like antibacterial protein coding gene tmp1 from goat skin surface metagenome.20927512
Anti-tuberculosis activity of α-helical antimicrobial peptides: de novo designed L- and D-enantiomers versus L- and D-LL-37.20858205
The effect of acidic residues and amphipathicity on the lytic activities of mastoparan peptides studied by fluorescence and CD spectroscopy.20195659
Amino acid substitutions in an alpha-helical antimicrobial arachnid peptide affect its chemical properties and biological activity towards pathogenic bacteria but improves its therapeutic index.20033827
From Year 2006 to 2010
Correlation of charge, hydrophobicity, and structure with antimicrobial activity of S1 and MIRIAM peptides.20873868
An adamantyl amino acid containing gramicidin S analogue with broad spectrum antibacterial activity and reduced hemolytic activity.20848624
Influence of the hydrophobic amino acids in the N- and C-terminal regions of pleurocidin on antifungal activity.20798581
Potent inhibition of the classical pathway of complement by a novel C1q-binding peptide derived from the human astrovirus coat protein.20728940
Membrane interactions of novicidin, a novel antimicrobial peptide: phosphatidylglycerol promotes bilayer insertion.20690652
Candidacidal mechanism of a Leu/Lys-rich α-helical amphipathic model antimicrobial peptide and its diastereomer composed of D,L-amino acids.20665599
Lysine N(epsilon)-trimethylation, a tool for improving the selectivity of antimicrobial peptides.20617807
Structural and biochemical characteristics of the cyclotide kalata B5 from Oldenlandia affinis.20564013
Melectin MAPs: the influence of dendrimerization on antimicrobial and hemolytic activity.20499256
Antimicrobially active cycloundecapeptides related to gramicidin S having a novel turn structure with cis D-Phe-Pro peptide bond.20449481
Temporin-SHf, a new type of phe-rich and hydrophobic ultrashort antimicrobial peptide.20308076
The effects of tryptophan and hydrophobicity on the structure and bioactivity of novel indolicidin derivatives with promising pharmaceutical potential.20237682
Characterization and cDNA cloning of a cecropin-like antimicrobial peptide, papiliocin, from the swallowtail butterfly, Papilio xuthus.20213310
Structure-activity relationship of indolicidin, a Trp-rich antibacterial peptide.20196123
Synergy with rifampin and kanamycin enhances potency, kill kinetics, and selectivity of de novo-designed antimicrobial peptides.20176897
Novel families of antimicrobial peptides with multiple functions from skin of Xizang plateau frog, Nanorana parkeri.20153801
Effect of the hydrophobicity to net positive charge ratio on antibacterial and anti-endotoxin activities of structurally similar antimicrobial peptides.20058937
Primary structures of skin antimicrobial peptides indicate a close, but not conspecific, phylogenetic relationship between the leopard frogs Lithobates onca and Lithobates yavapaiensis (Ranidae).20044030
Antimicrobial peptides from the skin secretions of the South-East Asian frog Hylarana erythraea (Ranidae).20015460
Temperature-dependent hemolytic activity of membrane pore-forming peptide toxin, tolaasin.19960443
Isolation, characterization and anti-cancer activity of SK84, a novel glycine-rich antimicrobial peptide from Drosophila virilis.19799950
Micelle-bound structures and dynamics of the hinge deleted analog of melittin and its diastereomer: implications in cell selective lysis by D-amino acid containing antimicrobial peptides.19635451
Dermaseptin DA4, although closely related to dermaseptin B2, presents chemotactic and Gram-negative selective bactericidal activities.19843179
Detergent-like activity and alpha-helical structure of warnericin RK, an anti-Legionella peptide.19804724
Synthesis of antibacterial pseudopeptides with less hemolytic activity from a cytotoxic peptide and their pH-dependent activity.19703772
Coupling molecular dynamics simulations with experiments for the rational design of indolicidin-analogous antimicrobial peptides.19576903
N-terminal amphipathic helix as a trigger of hemolytic activity in antimicrobial peptides: a case study in latarcins.19563807
De novo generation of antimicrobial LK peptides with a single tryptophan at the critical amphipathic interface.19544481
Identification of chicken cathelicidin-2 core elements involved in antibacterial and immunomodulatory activities.19524300
Bactrocerin-1: a novel inducible antimicrobial peptide from pupae of oriental fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalis Hendel.19479741
Broad-spectrum antimicrobial peptides by rational combinatorial design and high-throughput screening: the importance of interfacial activity.19445503
Trichogin GA IV: an antibacterial and protease-resistant peptide.19399781
Antifungal properties of a peptide derived from the signal peptide of the HIV-1 regulatory protein, Rev.19345214
Myxinidin, a novel antimicrobial peptide from the epidermal mucus of hagfish, Myxine glutinosa L.19330556
Therapeutic index of gramicidin S is strongly modulated by D-phenylalanine analogues at the beta-turn.19132829
A peptide derived from the putative transmembrane domain in the tail region of E. coli toxin hemolysin E assembles in phospholipid membrane and exhibits lytic activity to human red blood cells: plausible implications in the toxic activity of the protein.19111524
Immobilization reduces the activity of surface-bound cationic antimicrobial peptides with no influence upon the activity spectrum.19104020
Novel mastoparan and protonectin analogs isolated from a solitary wasp, Orancistrocerus drewseni drewseni.18695936
Cyclic peptides from Oldenlandia affinis DC. Molecular and biological properties.18972522
Melectin: a novel antimicrobial peptide from the venom of the cleptoparasitic bee Melecta albifrons.18942691
Lysine-enriched cecropin-mellitin antimicrobial peptides with enhanced selectivity.18852279
Fungicidal effect of piscidin on Candida albicans: pore formation in lipid vesicles and activity in fungal membranes.18827353
Snake cathelicidin from Bungarus fasciatus is a potent peptide antibiotics.18795096
Structure-antimicrobial activity relationship between pleurocidin and its enantiomer.18779649
The amino acid sequences and activities of synergistic hemolysins from Staphylococcus cohnii.18752624
Antimicrobial effect and membrane-active mechanism of Urechistachykinins, neuropeptides derived from Urechis unicinctus.18570895
Human antimicrobial peptides' antifungal activity against Aspergillus fumigatus.18566844
Design of potent, non-toxic antimicrobial agents based upon the naturally occurring frog skin peptides, ascaphin-8 and peptide XT-7.18554256
A potent, non-toxic insulin-releasing peptide isolated from an extract of the skin of the Asian frog, Hylarana guntheri (Anura:Ranidae).18501981
Correlation between simulated physicochemical properties and hemolycity of protegrin-like antimicrobial peptides: predicting experimental toxicity.18455267
Linear analogues of human beta-defensin 3: concepts for design of antimicrobial peptides with reduced cytotoxicity to mammalian cells.18350527
Pleurocidin-derived antifungal peptides with selective membrane-disruption effect.18325325
Design and synthesis of cyclic disulfide-bonded antibacterial peptides on the basis of the alpha helical domain of Tenecin 1, an insect defensin.18243710
Membrane interactions of designed cationic antimicrobial peptides: the two thresholds.18186149
Effects of net charge and the number of positively charged residues on the biological activity of amphipathic alpha-helical cationic antimicrobial peptides.18098173
Anti-HIV cyclotides from the Chinese medicinal herb Viola yedoensis.18081258
Activities of the frog skin peptide, ascaphin-8 and its lysine-substituted analogs against clinical isolates of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (ESBL) producing bacteria.18068868
Amphipathic alpha-helical peptide, HP (2-20), and its analogues derived from Helicobacter pylori: pore formation mechanism in various lipid compositions.17961502
Trypanocidal and leishmanicidal activities of different antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) isolated from aquatic animals.17888907
Porcine beta-defensin 2 displays broad antimicrobial activity against pathogenic intestinal bacteria.17658606
Membrane interaction of chrysophsin-1, a histidine-rich antimicrobial peptide from red sea bream.18052076
Decoralin, a novel linear cationic alpha-helical peptide from the venom of the solitary eumenine wasp Oreumenes decoratus.17981364
A library of linear undecapeptides with bactericidal activity against phytopathogenic bacteria.17980935
Conolysin-Mt: a conus peptide that disrupts cellular membranes.17927208
Correlations between differences in amino-terminal sequences and different hemolytic activity of sticholysins.17826814
Cytolytic peptides belonging to the brevinin-1 and brevinin-2 families isolated from the skin of the Japanese brown frog, Rana dybowskii.17688900
Strategies for transformation of naturally-occurring amphibian antimicrobial peptides into therapeutically valuable anti-infective agents.17560323
Antimicrobial activity of rationally designed amino terminal modified peptides.17553680
De novo design of selective antibiotic peptides by incorporation of unnatural amino acids.17547385
Canine cathelicidin (K9CATH): gene cloning, expression, and biochemical activity of a novel pro-myeloid antimicrobial peptide.17462733
Peptide defenses of the Cascades frog Rana cascadae: implications for the evolutionary history of frogs of the Amerana species group.17451843
Alpha,beta-dehydrophenylalanine containing cecropin-melittin hybrid peptides: conformation and activity.17394119
Rationale for the design of shortened derivatives of the NK-lysin-derived antimicrobial peptide NK-2 with improved activity against Gram-negative pathogens.17389605
Solution structure and cell selectivity of piscidin 1 and its analogues.17328560
Antiplasmodial activity of lauryl-lysine oligomers.17307975
Interplay among folding, sequence, and lipophilicity in the antibacterial and hemolytic activities of alpha/beta-peptides.17212422
Role of peptide hydrophobicity in the mechanism of action of alpha-helical antimicrobial peptides.17158938
Length effects in antimicrobial peptides of the (RW)n series.17145799
Orientation and dynamics of melittin in membranes of varying composition utilizing NBD fluorescence.17114219
Roles of salt and conformation in the biological and physicochemical behavior of protegrin-1 and designed analogues: correlation of antimicrobial, hemolytic, and lipid bilayer-perturbing activities.17176094
Novel biologically active peptides from the venom of Polistes rothneyi iwatai.17142988
Molecular cloning of grammistins, peptide toxins from the soapfish Pogonoperca punctata, by hemolytic screening of a cDNA library.17067722
Studies on the mode of action of the antifungal hexapeptide PAF26.17065623
Two families of antimicrobial peptides with multiple functions from skin of rufous-spotted torrent frog, Amolops loloensis.17000029
Structure-function analysis of tritrpticin analogs: potential relationships between antimicrobial activities, model membrane interactions, and their micelle-bound NMR structures.16997878
Isolation and biochemical characterization of peptides presenting antimicrobial activity from the skin of Phyllomedusa hypochondrialis.16963159
Interaction of the gelsolin-derived antibacterial PBP 10 peptide with lipid bilayers and cell membranes.16940084
Contribution of a central proline in model amphipathic alpha-helical peptides to self-association, interaction with phospholipids, and antimicrobial mode of action.16889633
Gene transfer with poly-melittin peptides.16848415
Eumenitin, a novel antimicrobial peptide from the venom of the solitary eumenine wasp Eumenes rubronotatus.16762455
Bacterial killing by heparin-binding peptides from PRELP and thrombospondin.16730966
Isolation and characterization of four antibacterial peptides from bovine hemoglobin.16730859
De novo designed cyclic cationic peptides as inhibitors of plant pathogenic bacteria.16730857
Antimicrobial peptides from diverse families isolated from the skin of the Asian frog, Rana grahami.16621155
Influence of N-acylation of a peptide derived from human lactoferricin on membrane selectivity.16616888
Structure and activity of the N-terminal region of the eukaryotic cytolysin equinatoxin II.16460028
Lytic activity and structural differences of amphipathic peptides derived from trialysin.16460023
Antimicrobial peptides from the skin of the Tsushima brown frog Rana tsushimensis.16413829
Synergism of Leu-Lys rich antimicrobial peptides and chloramphenicol against bacterial cells.16344012
Structure-activity relationship studies of gomesin: importance of the disulfide bridges for conformation, bioactivities, and serum stability.16235231
Design and synthesis of novel antimicrobial peptides on the basis of alpha helical domain of Tenecin 1, an insect defensin protein, and structure-activity relationship study.16226345
From Year 2001 to 2005
Pentadactylin: an antimicrobial peptide from the skin secretions of the South American bullfrog Leptodactylus pentadactylus.16236555
Cell selectivity and mechanism of action of antimicrobial model peptides containing peptoid residues.16142907
Cell-penetrating peptides: a comparative membrane toxicity study.16137634
Antimicrobial activity of novel dendrimeric peptides obtained by phage display selection and rational modification.15980334
Antifungal activity of synthetic peptides derived from Impatiens balsamina antimicrobial peptides Ib-AMP1 and Ib-AMP4.15949628
Amphipathic alpha-helices in proteins: results from analysis of protein structures.15822124
Phylloseptins: a novel class of anti-bacterial and anti-protozoan peptides from the Phyllomedusa genus.15752569
Identification and optimization of an antimicrobial peptide from the ant venom toxin pilosulin.15639237
Conformation and activity of delta-lysin and its analogs.15629533
Hemolysis of erythrocytes by granulysin-derived peptides but not by granulysin.15616319
Structural and biological characterization of three novel mastoparan peptides from the venom of the neotropical social wasp Protopolybia exigua (Saussure).15581688
Bass hepcidin synthesis, solution structure, antimicrobial activities and synergism, and in vivo hepatic response to bacterial infections.15546886
An antimicrobial peptide from the skin secretions of the mountain chicken frog Leptodactylus fallax (Anura:Leptodactylidae).15544856
Host-defense peptides isolated from the skin secretions of the Northern red-legged frog Rana aurora aurora.15325526
Antibacterial activity and pore-forming properties of ceratotoxins: a mechanism of action based on the barrel stave model.15581850
Structural and functional characterization of N-terminally blocked peptides isolated from the venom of the social wasp Polybia paulista.15572194
Purification and characterization of antimicrobial peptides from the skin secretions of the mink frog (Rana septentrionalis).15556063
Antibiotic activity and structural analysis of the scorpion-derived antimicrobial peptide IsCT and its analogs.15369808
Antibiotic activity and synergistic effect of antimicrobial peptide against pathogens from a patient with gallstones.15358153
Cyclic antimicrobial peptides based on Limulus anti-lipopolysaccharide factor for neutralization of lipopolysaccharide.15345319
De novo design of potent antimicrobial peptides.15328096
Pore formation of phospholipid membranes by the action of two hemolytic arachnid peptides of different size.15328050
Isolation and characterization of Psalmopeotoxin I and II: two novel antimalarial peptides from the venom of the tarantula Psalmopoeus cambridgei.15304333
Structure-activity relationship of an antibacterial peptide, maculatin 1.1, from the skin glands of the tree frog, Litoria genimaculata.15298176
Molecular cloning and biological characterization of novel antimicrobial peptides, pilosulin 3 and pilosulin 4, from a species of the Australian ant genus Myrmecia.15246874
Structure-activity relationships of antimicrobial peptides from the skin of Rana esculenta inhabiting in Korea.15232222
Structural and biological characterization of two novel peptides from the venom of the neotropical social wasp Agelaia pallipes pallipes.15225564
Membrane association, electrostatic sequestration, and cytotoxicity of Gly-Leu-rich peptide orthologs with differing functions.15222751
Fungicidal effect of three new synthetic cationic peptides against Candida albicans.15196144
A short alpha-helical antimicrobial peptide with antibacterial selectivity.15195974
Mass spectrometric characterization of two novel inflammatory peptides from the venom of the social wasp Polybia paulista.15150833
Promotion of peptide antimicrobial activity by fatty acid conjugation.15149180
Design of novel analogues with potent antibiotic activity based on the antimicrobial peptide, HP(2-9)-ME(1-12).15127790
Structure and fungicidal activity of a synthetic antimicrobial peptide, P18, and its truncated peptides.15055772
Structural characterization of novel chemotactic and mastoparan peptides from the venom of the social wasp Agelaiapallipes pallipes by high-performance liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry.15052574
Effects of single D-amino acid substitutions on disruption of beta-sheet structure and hydrophobicity in cyclic 14-residue antimicrobial peptide analogs related to gramicidin S.15009528
A family of brevinin-2 peptides with potent activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa from the skin of the Hokkaido frog, Rana pirica.15003829
In vitro and in vivo activity of antimicrobial peptides synthesized based on the insect defensin.15003352
Effects of two glycine residues in positions 13 and 17 of pleurocidin on structure and bacterial cell selectivity.14965277
PCR-based site-specific mutagenesis of peptide antibiotics FALL-39 and its biologic activities.14769216
Effects of L- or D-Pro incorporation into hydrophobic or hydrophilic helix face of amphipathic alpha-helical model peptide on structure and cell selectivity.14733952
A new group of antifungal and antibacterial lipopeptides derived from non-membrane active peptides conjugated to palmitic acid.14709550
Prevention of lethal murine candidiasis using HP (2-20), an antimicrobial peptide derived from the N-terminus of Helicobacter pylori ribosomal protein L1.15019213
Antibacterial activity and mechanism of action of tick defensin against Gram-positive bacteria.14642822
The hemolytic activity of six arachnid cationic peptides is affected by the phosphatidylcholine-to-sphingomyelin ratio in lipid bilayers.14637016
Individual substitution analogs of Mel(12-26), melittin's C-terminal 15-residue peptide: their antimicrobial and hemolytic actions.14596922
Isolation of peptides of the brevinin-1 family with potent candidacidal activity from the skin secretions of the frog Rana boylii.14531844
Antibiotic activity of Leu-Lys rich model peptides.14514057
Solution structure of termite-derived antimicrobial peptide, spinigerin, as determined in SDS micelle by NMR spectroscopy.12963031
A family of macrocyclic antibiotics with a mixed peptide-peptoid beta-hairpin backbone conformation.12931994
Biological activities of synthetic analogs of halocidin, an antimicrobial peptide from the tunicate Halocynthia aurantium.12878508
Structure-activity relationships of de novo designed cyclic antimicrobial peptides based on gramicidin S.12712499
Selective cytotoxicity following Arg-to-Lys substitution in tritrpticin adopting a unique amphipathic turn structure.12681513
Purification and characterization of three isoforms of chrysophsin, a novel antimicrobial peptide in the gills of the red sea bream, Chrysophrys major.12581207
Plicatamide, an antimicrobial octapeptide from Styela plicata hemocytes.12569105
Antimicrobial peptides and protease inhibitors in the skin secretions of the crawfish frog, Rana areolata.12429503
Macrocyclic hairpin mimetics of the cationic antimicrobial peptide protegrin I: a new family of broad-spectrum antibiotics.12404639
Cationic hydrophobic peptides with antimicrobial activity.12384369
Antibacterial and antifungal properties of alpha-helical, cationic peptides in the venom of scorpions from southern Africa.12354111
Role of amino acid residues within the disulfide loop of thanatin, a potent antibiotic peptide.12297012
Conformation-dependent antibiotic activity of tritrpticin, a cathelicidin-derived antimicrobial peptide.12207877
Structure and activity of D-Pro14 melittin.12168695
Design of novel analogue peptides with potent antibiotic activity based on the antimicrobial peptide, HP (2-20), derived from N-terminus of Helicobacter pylori ribosomal protein L1.12147359
The consequence of sequence alteration of an amphipathic alpha-helical antimicrobial peptide and its diastereomers.12110678
Solution structure of a cathelicidin-derived antimicrobial peptide, CRAMP as determined by NMR spectroscopy.12081622
Mimicry of host-defense peptides by unnatural oligomers: antimicrobial beta-peptides.12071741
Purification, structure-function analysis, and molecular characterization of novel linear peptides from scorpion Opisthacanthus madagascariensis.12054688
Oxyopinins, large amphipathic peptides isolated from the venom of the wolf spider Oxyopes kitabensis with cytolytic properties and positive insecticidal cooperativity with spider neurotoxins.11976325
Impact of single-residue mutations on the structure and function of ovispirin/novispirin antimicrobial peptides.11932493
Antimicrobial dendrimeric peptides.11846794
Structural studies of porcine myeloid antibacterial peptide PMAP-23 and its analogues in DPC micelles by NMR spectroscopy.11779154
Optimization of microbial specificity in cyclic peptides by modulation of hydrophobicity within a defined structural framework.11682479
Antibacterial, antitumor and hemolytic activities of alpha-helical antibiotic peptide, P18 and its analogs.12005420
Hematological and antifungal properties of temporin A and a cecropin A-temporin A hybrid.11995990
Structure-function studies on the amphibian peptide brevinin 1E: translocating the cationic segment from the C-terminal end to a central position favors selective antibacterial activity.11892852
Antimicrobial peptides isolated from skin secretions of the diploid frog, Xenopus tropicalis (Pipidae).11738090
Pseudin-2: an antimicrobial peptide with low hemolytic activity from the skin of the paradoxical frog.11689009
Amphipathic alpha helical antimicrobial peptides.11683882
Conformation and other biophysical properties of cyclic antimicrobial peptides in aqueous solutions.11606214
High therapeutic index of factor C Sushi peptides: potent antimicrobials against Pseudomonas aeruginosa.11557475
A new gene delivery formulation of polyethylenimine/DNA complexes coated with PEG conjugated fusogenic peptide.11532323
IsCT, a novel cytotoxic linear peptide from scorpion Opisthacanthus madagascariensis.11520071
Enhancing the hypotensive effect and diminishing the cytolytic activity of hornet mastoparan B by D-amino acid substitution.11478963
Structure-activity analysis of SMAP-29, a sheep leukocytes-derived antimicrobial peptide.11467858
Ponericins, new antibacterial and insecticidal peptides from the venom of the ant Pachycondyla goeldii.11279030
Membrane-perturbing domains of HIV type 1 glycoprotein 41.11242518
Antibacterial activity of a pepsin-derived bovine hemoglobin fragment.11226440
Interaction of pleurocidin and its analogs with phospholipid membrane and their antibacterial activity.11168895
Biological activities of retro and diastereo analogs of a 13-residue peptide with antimicrobial and hemolytic activities.11168889
From Year 2000 and before
CRAMP analogues having potent antibiotic activity against bacterial, fungal, and tumor cells without hemolytic activity.10973820
Antibacterial and hemolytic activities of single tryptophan analogs of indolicidin.10924341
Design of a novel membrane-destabilizing peptide selectively acting on acidic liposomes.10879468
Cyclization of a cytolytic amphipathic alpha-helical peptide and its diastereomer: effect on structure, interaction with model membranes, and biological function.10821683
Design and synthesis of novel antimicrobial pseudopeptides with selective membrane-perturbation activity.10819172
In vitro assessment of antifungal therapeutic potential of salivary histatin-5, two variants of histatin-5, and salivary mucin (MUC7) domain 1.10817697
Development of the structural basis for antimicrobial and hemolytic activities of peptides based on gramicidin S and design of novel analogs using NMR spectroscopy.10799508
Evaluation of the inactivation of infectious Herpes simplex virus by host-defense peptides.10795591
Solution structure of the antimicrobial peptide gaegurin 4 by H and 15N nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy.10785392
Acyclic permutants of naturally occurring cyclic proteins. Characterization of cystine knot and beta-sheet formation in the macrocyclic polypeptide kalata B1.10747913
Effects of the hinge region of cecropin A(1-8)-magainin 2(1-12), a synthetic antimicrobial peptide, on liposomes, bacterial and tumor cells.10675500
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