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Diseases Susceptiblity

The term disease susceptiblity refers to chances or possiblity of a particular disease to occur in future. GDPbio will focuss on diseases susceptiblity prediction for a particular individual upon the genetic basis. Just entering genomic sequence, currently asymptomatic person will be able to predict chances of occurence of a specific disease in future. Presently there are many examples showing the use of genomic information in predicting risk of diseases, before the symptoms appear, allowing earlier treatment. Some of these examples are:
  1. Persons having variations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are at high risks for breast and ovarian cancer. Genetic test identifies the variation, allowing preventive measures such as closer monitoring and preventive surgery being taken in advance.
  2. Individuals with variation in Factor V gene and certain other genes have more risk of developing blood clots. The genetic test can identify unique variation that increases risk, it helps to use preventive strategies and medication to manage clotting.
  3. Genetic variation leading app. 40% of hereditary melanoma cases is another case where genetic test identifies increased susceptiblity to melanoma. It allows preventive steps such as less exposure to sun and surgery on suspicious lesions in earlier stages of melanoma.
  4. FGFR2 is a breast cancer susceptibility gene in Jewish and Arab Israeli populations